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We believe that Indian guru Mata Amritanandamayi known as the “Hugging Saint” is Embezzling The World. Help us to spread the truth about her.

About Embezzling The World

The woman born as Sudhamani Idamannel, known to the world as Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), the “Hugging Saint” has a public image that has been highly groomed by a slick public relations machine that presents her as a great humanitarian, as well as being a guru so “pure” that she does not even have the bodily functions of a normal woman.

Glossy brochures are given out at all her public hugging sessions promoting her Embracing the World program of humanitarian and charitable ventures. For which she seeks donations, and even leaves donation envelopes on the chairs for the audience.

A number of her former devotees have now revealed that this woman is in fact Embezzling The World. Taking the world for a ride.

This so-called “Living Goddess” and “Saint” who was born in a small fishing village in Kerala India is in fact anything BUT a saint.

She rose to fame via her claims to divinity based on her “purity”, supposedly born as a self-realised being who manifested Krishna and Devi, and the “miracles” she is alleged to have performed. The man who was her original publicist, who wrote most of the information in her biography, and who is still her primary swami and head of her multi-national organization, has now been revealed to also be her lover.

She is in fact anything but “pure”.

The truth about who this woman really is has finally been revealed by her former personal attendant of 20 years, Gail (Gayatri) Tredwell who published an autobiographical work entitled “Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith Devotion and Pure Madness” in October 2013. It is available from

In this book she reveals that Amma has been in a secret sexual relationship almost since the beginning with her head Swami Amritasvarupananda (Balu), the main spokesperson for the ashram.
Not just in a sexual relationship with this man but also having secretive sexual liaisons with other swamis and men in her ashram as well.
That this so called “goddess” is definitely a normal female and in fact menstruated like any other. Even entering and consecrating temples during this time, which is forbidden under Hinduism.

That Tredwell herself suffered rape and sexual abuse at the hands of this man Balu, the head ashram Swami and official representative of Amma’s  international corporation – the M.A. Math.

Amritanandamayi is anything BUT the loving, compassionate “Holy Mother” figure off stage but more like an out of control spoilt and childish diva who has screaming temper tantrums in which she lashes out hitting, kicking, scratching and pulling the hair of those closest to her. Tredwell for many years was the recipient of her violent rages. Others amongst her devotees are now also coming out and confirming what Tredwell says. Their testimonies can be found on this website.

Amritanandamayi is also financially corrupt. Tredwell was tasked with making secret trips to Amma’s relatives in the Kerala backwaters to deliver bags of gold and money.

This website also presents hard evidence based on information supplied by the Indian Home Office section on Foreign Currency Regulations that less than 10% of foreign monies collected from overseas donations are actually used for humanitarian and charitable purposes. That 63% of these monies are being retained in banks offshore from India to gather interest. That the rest is being used in construction and management projects to expand her empire of high fee charging profit making colleges and hospitals. It was estimated in 2012 that Amma had US$342 million sitting in foreign banks.

That her flagship “charitable” AIMS hospital in Kochi, Kerala in reality only offers 5% of charitable cases free treatment, not 50% as her brochures claim.

In 2008 this guru pulled in more foreign donations for the whole of India than Oxfam!

THAT is why this site is called Embezzling The World!

We who have established the site are former devotees of Amritanandamayi and concerned members of the public, committed to bringing the Truth about this woman to the world and exposing her!

Please join us in helping expose this woman by sending your testimonies to:

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