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We believe that Indian guru Mata Amritanandamayi known as the “Hugging Saint” is Embezzling The World. Help us to spread the truth about her.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bloggers opinions and reflexions

After reading newspapers and watching TV reports talking about Gail Trewdell's revelations and Amritanandamayi, bloggers share their personal thoughts and point of view.

Our One Eyed Society – Life is not an Archery Competition Vinod Narayan questions spiritual concepts, like the Embodiment of God and our gullibility.

John Brittas interview on Gail Jaadathendi is quite satisfied with Gail Tredwell's interview by John Brittas but thinks that sadly, the "brainwashed" minds and "spiritual seekers" minds won't take any of this seriously.

Muslims, Mata Amrithanandamayi & Gail Tredwell's Holy Hell this muslim blogger thinks that the brainwashing of Amritanadamayi's cult can equally be found in Islam.

Holy Hell the famous writer Taslima Nasreen added a short post about Holy Hell in her blog.

Holy Hell of an Ashram a longer post written by Arun N. Madhavan on Taslima Nasreen's blog : "It’s said that there are two types of spiritual gurus and god men. Those caught out as fake and those yet to be caught"

Amritanandamayi, Gail Tredwell, and Rahul Ishwar! Sureshintechinthakal is not satisfied by the arguments that Rahul Ishwar used to support Amritanandamayi during the debate broadcasted on Indiavision.

Video Response To Holy Hell - Gail Tredwell Lakshmi Menon gives her opinion about the book and the interview done by John Brittas.

Silence of rape victims! as a reply to the question why it took so long for Gail Tredwell to come up with her story, FB Investigations reminds us a few basic principles about rape in general.

Kudos To Social Media Sumit Paul thinks that truth cannot be found in mainstream media anymore, without the social media Gail Tredwell's book would have remained unnoticed.

The truth of 'the hugging saint' Sumit Paul reminds us that Amritanandamayi has already been exposed and politically protected a decade ago.

Holy Hell of an Ashram this rationalist puits the stress under a logical fact "As long as there is demand, the product of spirituality will sell like hot cakes".

Forgotten dimensions of the “Holy Hell” this left-thinking blogger examines the social issues raised by the free labor in the M.A. Math.

Amrita CBE Hostels Trolled this humorous Facebook page made by a student, gives us a glimpse of the lifestyle in Amritanandamayi's Hostels and Schools.

Menstruating Goddesses the official propaganda says that Amritanandamayi has appointed women as priests. But Meena Kandasamy informs us that they operate in pairs. Can you guess the reason why?

Thangu , Mata Amritanandamayi and Sukumar Azhikode .. Dr George Easaw would like to see the Kerala government to take action against spiritual fraudsters, no matter their religion. but targetting Amma triggers violent reactions.

Beware of Godmen! Neeraj Mahajan quotes U. G. Krishnamurti, this is what he wishes to Mata Amritanandamayi : "All these godmen and guru business should be banned and completely wiped out from the face of this earth - then only our earth will remain pollution free"

I witness after the prosecution of Sreeni Pattathanam for questioning Amma's devine pretenses, the Indian journalist SEN Antara Dev is worried : "how keen our democracy is to protect us from books, poems, plays, films, art and songs, while letting free political leaders who massacre thousands in the name of religion"