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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Keep it together in the family

After the Sangh Parivar, it is up to the family to support Amma®. What they say don't necessarily match what has been said so far.

Amma® has a nice brother called Suresh and he has just handed over to the media an open letter to Gail Tredwell, the author of the book Holy Hell. Who is he? The money lender? Or the one who owns a fleet of fishing boats? Maybe the one who is in building contracts and chocolate? We don't know. Anyway he seems to suffer from memory loss because his testimonial doesn't match the official history of his sister. For instance the dates are far from being accurate :
"In 1988, Mata Amritaanandamayi Trust was formed"
1988? We have never seen this date anywhere. All the references rather mention 1981. The Mata Amritanandamayi Math and the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission Trust were established in 1981. With such a big mistake at the begining, can we trust the rest of Suresh's letter?

Another reference tells us that Amma® started touring abroad in 1987. The Math and Trust were created long before she started travelling, so Suresh's 1988 is false. Can we really trust his memories? He remembers :
"In 1988, Mata Amritaanandamayi Trust was formed and established in ten cents of land gifted by her father and the brother’s father-in-law bought another piece of land and gifted it to the trust along with a van"
This account sounds completely opposite to Amma®'s official biography :
"Word soon spread and people began to flock to the village to see the "little godwoman". Her father was in no mood to accept it and threw her out of her house, but not before granting her 10 cents of land (one-tenth of an acre). It was on this land that at the age of 26, Amma set up her first ashram"
Here again Suresh's 1988 creates a problem. Indeed Amma® was born in 1953 therefore she turned 26 years old in 1979. As a result the date of the ashram's creation on 10 cents of land is likely to be between 1979 and 1981.
According to him, Gail Tredwell came in 1979. Why did she had to go in a rent-free house until 1988 if the ashram was established at most in 1981? How could she become "Amma's shadow" if she had to live in another place?
The official biography has always claimed that the family was not very pleased with Amma®'s "divine" moods. They violently opposed her manifestations at the beginning. No van, no gift has ever been mentioned. She has even been thrown out of the house. Today Suresh's words sound like her family wholehearted helped her to create the ashram. He is the only one to make such claim. All devotees worldwide know that she had to fight her own family until the number of visitors became too high.

Suresh is not the only one. Dr. Maneesha Sudheer who seems to be the wife of a brother (which one?) also testifies. She defends her husband :
"Amma’s family members are not part of the Ashram’s trust"
No one has ever said that Amma®'s family members were part of the trust. The organisation has the same trustees since the beginning. All were Economics students at that time. As her family didn't agree with Amma®, none of them could agree to be part of a trust. Why does she refute accusations that were never made?

However when Maneesha talks about "improperly obtained income", she refers to Gail saying that she used to secretely deliver some parts of the devotees donations to Amma®'s family. Ms Sudheer denies the accusation. So what should we think about this comment, written on the Facebook page of Dheevarasabha-Akhila Kerala Dheevara Sabha, the Keralan fishermen union?
"Please... let us not all get carried away by the fact that Sudhamani is a Dheevara. She has done most in kind for her own immediate family as gold or money or the vast 'fleets' of fishing boats. No reservations/monetary benefit for anyone from our community. We need not jump into unnecessary confusions or allegations when we are not too sure of what is happening inside. Surely, there will no smoke without fire. Let us not support her."
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Amma®'s family members add more confusion to a messy situation, bringing more contradictions to the many others, spread by the devotees lately.