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Friday, March 7, 2014

Some of her supporters don't know her

2 major videos are currently available online, showing a different face of Amritanandamayi. We are very surprised by some users comments. What they say proves that they don't know anything about her. They  suppport her blindly.

The journalist John Brittas has interviewed Gail Tredwell for Kairali People TV. Some users comments show that many of her supporters don't know who they are standing for. For instance the following dialogue is posted on Youtube :
bemyown1974 :  your paranoid theories make me laugh. Gail is a lady who gave up western comforts for life in a small village in India, worked with Sudhamani without any salary, serving her, learning Malayalam and embedding herself in Hindu spirituality- she has no connection to any christian movement and is not a christian. You are a  fool trying to propagate falsehoods. Do you really think Sudhamani is "pure" and did not "menstruate" !!!
Rahul Pillai : immmm technically she chose to lead such a life.. so not Amma's problem, second Amma never said that she's pure....and whats up with the menstruation fact? why do you ask that? thats sick..... because it shows how low your mind is........Amma is as old as your its like someone asking about ur mom whether if she had menstruation or not.........get a life sir (respectfully).
Obviously Rahul Pillai doesn't know that Amma has always claimed that her menstruation stopped at the age of 18 when she supposedly fully embodied the divine mother. This biological feat was the proof of her purity, the evidence of her divinity. It is written in her official biography, everyone knows it, except her online supporters. Her official biography mentions many other miracles, like curing a leper, lighting lamps without oil, making barren women pregnant, being so light that she could lie on a palm tree leave, dying then resurrecting...

Even if she denies it now, Amritanandamayi has always advertized herself as a living goddess. The following quotes are an extract from her 108 names, which are recited every morning in her all centers worldwide :
Salutations to Her who is anxious to bring up the land of Kerala which is immersed in the ocean of ignorance.
Salutations to Her who is the divine consciousness of the awakening of the land of Kerala.
Salutations to Her who is the Divine Mother.
If her Keralan supporters consider her to be a religious leader who does good things out of compassion for them, then they should meditate on her names, which suggest that she is a goddess and that they are ignorant.