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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sangh Parivar support denied

Amritanandamayi's foreign devotees don't want to accept that she has strong political support.

For her western followers, saying that she is backed by right-wing political parties is considered to be a malicious attempt to slander her name. Yet, many Sangh Parivar leaders have supported her recently. Their allegations are particularly bold.

For BJP, the allegations made against Amritanandamayi are part of a big conspiracy against Indian culture. This theory has been widely repeated by various leaders to explain the current issue. The members of the Amritasatyamayi Team are puzzled by this strange assertion. We wonder how it can be possible to destroy the whole Indian culture just by criticizing a single individual and her flawed organisation. Is Indian culture so weak? What would we gain by destroying Indian culture? Most of us enjoy making tourism in India, so destroying its culture would rather be a loss.

For VHP, a Vatican secret agency named Opus Dei is behind the conspiracy to malign Mata and other Hindu spiritual leaders. This blog is entirely dedicated to Amritanandamayi's hidden face. Are we part of the conspiracy? Then we must immediately send an email to Pope Francis because he forgot to make a bank transfer on our accounts. We also find that trying to tell the truth about Amritanandamayi is such a tedious task, so we won't do anything against the other Hindu spiritual leaders. We will ask Pope Francis to hire other secret agents to finish the job.

For RSS, the book Holy Hell is a despicable attempt by the enemies of Sanatana Dharma and humanity. Humanity? Does this book aim at destroying 8 billions of people? This is not about a country anymore, it's about world war. Are we demons who want to annihilate righteousness and Human Beings just because we enjoy performing evil actions? Such a discovery about our true nature! Thank you so much for the hint.

Does it mean that Vatican is looking forward to destroy humanity? 

That's pretty daring. Who can believe such incredible propaganda? Amritanandamayi is not India, she is not Hinduism, she is not Humanity. She is only made of flesh and bones like any human being. Her Math may conceal potential abuses and frauds like any other organisation. She is likely to have become intoxicated by power over time just like any other human would be.

All these surreal statements have been publicly broadcasted by many media. Still, Amritanandamayi's foreign devotees deny her strong political ties with right-wing parties.