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Thursday, March 27, 2014

She was not invited!

In face of spontaneous popular protest through social media, there are only official speeches and planned gatherings originating from political and religious institutions. The latest manifestation of this kind was Dharma Raksha Samgam, a Hindu community unite to pledge to protect Dharma under under a single flag.

It is said that this meeting is the result of the viral scandal triggered by Gail Tredwell's book in Kerala. Is it funny or shocking to see that the Sangh Parivar falsely claims that she "wrote about Indian culture and its people with disdain"? Anyone who has really read Holy Hell knows that Gail talks about her experience with Amritanandamayi and that she still likes Indian culture. 15 years after leaving India, she still speaks Malayalam. What for a strange way to disdain Indian culture! We wish that all racists worldwide could express their disdain toward foreign cultures exactly in the same way.

Anyway, the Sangh Parivar promised it and did it : a huge gathering to support Amritanandamayi. Some personnalities made supportive assertions on March 27 in front of 150,000 parties members and maths inmates :
"In his inaugural address, Swami said Hindu Acharayas (Teachers) should unitedly fight against the attack on the Amritananadamayi Math."
"VHP leader, Ashok SInghal said the charges against Amritanandayi Math was an ‘insult’ to crores of Hindus and so the community should come together and fight it unitedly."
Our intention is not to get embroiled into the complex entanglement of Indian politics and religion just before the general election. We just want to focus on Amritanandamayi. They extensively talked about her but she was NOT there!!!

She always invites political and religious personnalities whenever she celebrates something, she bestows awards on Hindutva thinkers, she gives hugs and private talks to leaders, she always shares her stage with them before each Indian program... So why wasn't she invited to partake to this impressive meeting? The aim was to unite all main Hindu organisations. Isn't the M.A. Math one of the biggest humanitarian and religious institutions of India?

We wonder if this Hindu community unite was really aimed at defending Amritanandamayi. Was she the reason for this or was she just a pawn to achieve a political agenda? In fact the expected result is written in the account's introduction and it's not about her :
"Now everybody has been realized the fact that only Sangh has the answer to save all Dharmic Culture of our country. Here it is so evident that for the up-coming election this Hindutwa movement will make a very strong impact on the Kerala Politics which always sidelined all Hindu Organisation"
Has her scandal been used as a mere pretext to publicly demonstrate the Sangh Parivar's might? They don't seem to care about her. It even looks like she has been put aside. In fact the pictures show that there were only men on stage. The only woman appeared to be K.P.Sasikala Teacher, chairperson of Hindu Aikya Vedi. Is Amritanandamayi actually considered as a real Hindu leader by her male peers? Surprisingly the audience is also predominantly consisting of men.

Can we assume that her story has been used only to attract her devotees attention and the media coverage? Has she been consulted before, during or at least after the meeting? Or did the Sangh Parivar fulfilled its own plans without minding her opinion? Will she be still supported after the general elections?