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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FCRA 2013 - 2014 = 0.69!

Usually the New Year is the moment when we make good resolutions and promise to do our best to respect our decision. These kind of moments can be life changing. When we saw the new FCRA for 2013-2014, we thought that such miracle had happened in Embracing The World.

If the reported figures are an accurate reflection of what unfolds in real life then the donations are dropping. The foreign devotees and insitutions have donated 19% less than they did last year. In 2011-2012 the organization harvested 1191596739.26 rupees, in 2013-2014 it only received 565334709.46 rupees, so it has lost 52% of its income within two years. Does the donation curve depend on the natural disasters?
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The bank interests are greater that they were last year. In fact their amount has been increasing almost regularly since 2006. ETW has earned 6% more than last year. Is the mysterious secret bank account located in Neverland also growing bigger and bigger?
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But all these material considerations are meaningless for spiritual seekers. What follows sound like a true miracle. The label "Relief / Rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities" is mentioned 226 times in the FCRA! Has Amma finally decided to actually do what she pretends? Has she decided to show respect to her devotees by investing more of their donations into charitable projects? The answer lies in a simple number :


We kindly invite you to take a look at the picture below to understand what this number means.

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Only 0.69% of the foreign donations have been dedicated to charitable projects from April 2013 to March 2014. No need to browse the whole FCRA. The first chart at the top holds all necessary figures because it sums the total amount spent for each purpose. More than 40% of the budget has been devoted to the "Activities other than those mentioned above". Other activities? What are they?

This pie chart is like a motivation map. It gives an overview of the reasons why Amma works so hard. Her compassion is purple, the green and red parts represent business, the blue part stands for secrecy. Do you find it hard to see the purple part? Don't worry, that's because it doesn't cover at least 1% of the pie.

This information is not hidden, anyone can access it at anytime from anywhere. Love is blind. So is faith. Is it the same for stupidity? We cannot understand how journalists, politicians, scientists, artists, thinkers and devotees can still have the gall to call her a humanitarian champion. Is this a great divine mystery? Or is it a great work of communication and public relation?

Update April 2015 : if the FCRA links display an error page then please check out the new process to access them.