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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where to find the FCRA now?

If you have clicked on the links provided in our various articles then you have noticed that they display an error page instead of the FCRA for Mata Amritanandamayi Math. All direct links seem to be dead.

Is this online service disruption temporary or permanent? We don't know? Anyway we have found another (tedious) way to reach the documents. Indeed the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs provides a form for internet users to browse the list of all the associations that have filed FC-return year by year.

The search form is here :

If you click on it you will be asked to enter a year and a state. You have to choose "Kerala" in the dropdown list before submitting. The next page displays a long list. Mata Amritanandamayi Math is in the middle.It's registration number is 052930183. This page provides a link on the right side, to view the FCRA but it opens a popup window.

Some browsers block popup windows to protect internet users against unwanted advertisement. Your browser may open it anyway or display a warning asking for your agreement. Some browsers discard the popup so you cannot see the FCRA with them. If nothing shows then it is better to try another browser.

There is second drawback. The browsing data keep the parameters of the page currently viewed. Therefore it can be hard to take a look at another FCRA because the browser may not allow to go back to the search form. In that case, you can either close the browser then open it again or clear the browsing data.

During our searches, we came accross interesting informations. Among others we would like to share a short but meaningful quote with our readers. This page provides a general report about FCRA. The authors have made this comment about Mata Amritandamayi Math :
"Cultural & Spiritual, Education, zHealthcare, Disaster relief etc activities. Audited accounts not on site"
Indeed, things would be a lot more easy if the audited accounts were available on Amma's official website.

Another website tells that in fact there has been 3 NGOs belonging to Amma, registered under FCRA in various states :
  1. Mata Amrit Anandamyi Mission, Kerala
  2. Mata Amritanandmayi Math, Kerala
  3. Mata Amritnandmayi Math, Mumbai

After a quick look, we have only found 2 of them :

Registration number
083790011Mata Amritnandmayi Math'gokul' Plto No.474, 13th Road, Chembur,Mumbai 400071
052930183Mata Amritanandmayi MathAmritapuri, Kollam,Kerala-690525

Why having several institutions to collect donations from foreign countries?