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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Unoticed ashram answer to Holy Hell

After the release of Gail Tredwell's book, many media commented the various reactions. The article from India Today entitled Embraced By Scandal is slightly different from the others.

At the end of this article, journalist M.G.Radhakrishnan has quoted a few excerpts from the book, but the most interesting parts are in the middle.

To begin with, this article acnowledge what Amritapuri has always denied. There is indeed a kind of e-taskforce, working hard to constantly whitewash Amma's online reputation :
"Amritanandamayi's followers are busy fighting a digital war after the e-version of Tredwell's book"
We already knew that Kerala police was busy, chasing the people who would critisizing her on social media. Now we learn that they have also targetted another kind of individuals :
"...after the e-version of Tredwell's book went viral on social media, Kerala Police is chasing netizens who had uploaded and shared it"
Should we assume that reading a book is a crime in Kerala?

Nevermind. In this article we also have something rare. Balu answers personally to the rape accusations brought against him :
"A livid Amritaswaroopananda, the second-in-command at MAM and Amma's closest disciple, told INDIA TODAY, 'Her charges and language are too vulgar and barbaric for me to respond. Wearing this holy robe, I don't want to stoop to that level.'"
Now that is a strange answer. Has he ever been told that the cloth does not make the monk? Should we assume that any human being wearing a specific outfit is necessarily honest? In a nutshell he answers that he refuses to answer.

MAM's Public Relations Officer Brahmachari Raju also gives strange explanations about Gail Tredwell :
"All the charges are a creations of her unstable mind. She is manic depressive and is a cancer patient"
Should we assume that having a cancer means the one is a liar? By the way Gail Tredwell is not a cancer patient. According to her book, some doctors let her have medication, thinking that she had a cancer, which has proven to be a wrong diagnosis.

The end of the article is a bit ironic. Indeed, Amma herself claims :
"If we had the millions that they allege, I would have already wiped out poverty, both in India and the world"
But the journalist corrects her statement as follows :
"The Math is not exactly poor. Besides considerable real estate in several cities and towns across India ... Amid all the din, it is still business as usual at the Math..."
Aside from the non-answers given by her disciple, we are tempted to assume that Amma is not so realistic. She is said to have "saved" $300 million in a foreign bank for the rainy days. Does she really think that this amount is enought to wipe out poverty in the whole world? According to the statistics there are almost 2 billion people living in poverty. Does she sincerely believe that granting $0.15 to each of them will significantly improve their life?