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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sannyasa is a cure for mental illness!!!

Amritanandamayi's devotees seem to be gifted with a particularly fertile imagination. They come up with countless explanations to prove that the allegations raised by Gail Tredwell's in her book Holy Hell are false. Sometimes their arguments are in contradictions, some other times they are simply unbelievable.

We don't know in which of the above categories this article should be classified. It's topic is not original. Like many others it tries to demonstrate that the current issue is a "Preplanned propaganda against Hindu humanitarians and spiritual masters". But in this case, the arguments are strikingly original.

To begin with, the author makes unpleasant statements about the followers and the ashram's inmates :
"Amma knows very well that the majority of the people who come to Her seeking solace are not spiritual aspirants and that they comprise people in need of relief from problems, or monetary support or people with depression and even mentally challenged. In spite of knowing this, Amma enfolds them into Her embrace out of Her infinite compassion and accommodates those who seeks shelter in the ashram"
Perfect. An ashram is supposed to be a holy place, dedicated to spiritual unfoldment. Now this man claims that Amritapuri is mainly filled with all kinds of people except spiritual seekers. They don't give a damn about spirituality. They are looking for solutions, money or shelter. Some renunciates are even mentally challenged. Is it a good idea to keep mentally challenged people in an ashram? Don't they belong to mental institutions? Shouldn't they seek medical advice? Does it explain the suicides and suicide attempts which occured there?

In fact he makes such claim to explain why Gail landed in Amritapuri. Does this man realize that he is insulting thousands of devotees just to target a single ex-devotee? Indeed, if Gail is mentally disturbed, there must be a reason for her to be accepted in an ashram. If the ashram is full of troubled people then he can say that she was just one of them and that her presence in this spiritual place was normal. Is it really the good time to depict Amritapuri as such an unholy place?

He goes on and undiscloses shocking details :
"she received unreserved love and affection from one and all with the hope that it will cure her depression and heal the scars of psychic wounds from a troubled childhood and adolescence. She was even accorded Sannyasa as a part of this holistic treatment"
"Sannyasa as a part of this holistic treatment"? The people who criticize Amritanandamayi are accused of aiming at destroying Hinduism but we really feel like this job is done by the devotees who strive to support her at any cost. We deeply feel like this assertion is an insult to Hinduism. Isn't Sannyasa suppposed to be a free choice and a sacred commitment coming after many years of spiritual journeying? Can we tour all mental institutions worldwide and give Sannyasa to their residents in the hope of curing them?

Something tells us that Sannyasa is reserved for strong and balanced humans. Giving Sannyasa to weak and unstable individuals can only lead to disaster. It seems like the author of the article has noticed it too :
"Her book, “Holy Hell’, which was formulated over 14 years after she left ashram with the help of a ‘friend’, is nothing more than a by-product of her suppressed lust which was channelled into anger and vengeance"
Sannaysa implies chastity. This man tells us that suppressing the lust in the hope of curing depression and psychic wounds leads to anger. Isn't it obvious? Why doing it anyway? Why taking such a vain and unreasonable decision? Why playing doctor with spiritual concepts? Why complaining when it fails?

Once again, defending Amritanandamayi brings about nonsense. This man has ridiculed the devotees, he has denigrated the ashram, he has insulted Hinduism and he has suggested that Amritanandamayi is unwise. If Sannyasa is a cure for mental troubles then how many of her white, ochre and saffron robed followers are equally if not more disturbed?

How can she be still called a spiritual leader with such a humiliating story?

Anyway there is a problem with this theory of "suppressed lust which was channelled into anger and vengeance". After leaving the ashram, Gail have had 14 years of total freedom on her own. She certainly got the opportunity to unleash her lust as much as she wanted. If lust was not suppressed anymore then it couldn't turn into anger and vengeance.