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Thursday, April 3, 2014

E-lie inspires real violence

Through modern trends our lives become more and more driven by electronic devices and concepts. You already know the e-mail, e-learning, e-commerce, e-signature, e-cigarette, e-ticket and e-book? Then today discover the e-lie motivated by e-reputation.

We recently came across Amritanadamayi's facebook page. It was so strange that we had to spend a little moment trying to figure out what unfolds on it. In fact some posts and a milestone claim that she launched her official Facebook page on March 27 2014, as it can be seen on the picture on the left. Then why does her timeline goes from 2014 to 2009, as it shows on the picture on the right?

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Browsing the page doesn't enable to find posts older than March 2014. Looking for anything prior to this date shrinks the timeline, the years disappear one by one until 2014 remains alone. But refreshing the page always displays this 2009-2014 timeline again. What happened? Let's take a look at her Likes statistics :

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According to the statistics, one person worked on the facebook page from February 27 to March 26. The page's traffic soared from March 27. No one liked the page since its "launching", otherwise there would be a grey curve displayed on the graphics, in addition to the blue one.
We have examined all these informations to try to understand.

It seems like this Facebook page was created in 2009 and got 39,527 Likes in time. Then it has been abandoned for a while. It has been re-designed on February 27. This is precisely the day when Gail Tredwell's story started becoming viral in India. What for a coincidence! This same day, 2 fake Facebook pages imitating Gail's official one have been created by anonymous fraudsters promoting Amritanandamayi's blogs and slandering Gail.

It seems like all the previous content has been erased from Amritanandamayi's page. The "first" item of this "brand new" page was posted on March 24. Even the creation event has been deleted. Is it a bug if the timeline still displays 2009 as its oldest date, while it is empty from 2009 to 2014?

Did she sent instructions to all the centers worldwide asking the devotees to massively visit this "new" page? If so then this planned media campaign is a relative failure because she is supposed to have millions of followers worlwide!

If our explanation is true then once again Amritanandamayi is lying. Pretending that her page was launched on March 27, makes us believe that she got 39,527 Likes within 8 days whereas it took her 5 years to gather so many votes. It makes her shine more popular than she actually is. It gives the feeling that she can be as spontaneous and viral as Gail Tredwell's controversy in social media.

If we are right then it could be a sign that she doesn't trust her followers. It would have been cleaner to destroy the old page and create a new one for the timeline to be accurate in relation to the launching date. But in order to do this she must have faith in her devotees. Destroying the old page means loosing thousands of Likes. In order to do that she must be sure that the followers massively come to Like the new page. Otherwise she could be publicly inflicted with a beautiful voted out page. It could shed light on the actual commitment of her devotees. It could unveil the real extent of their support. Re-designing the old page is safer, it avoids the risk of seeing the truth.

Anyway, some recent events reveal that indeed not all her devotees can be trusted. In less than one week, some of them have attacked a book store which was selling a book based on John Brittas interview of Gail Tredwell. They also pelted the publisher's house. They finally assaulted for the second time a religious leader who regularly slams Amritanandamayi. These news remind of the unexplainable rampage against the residents of Green Avenue in Delhi. On stage it's all about hugging and singing but backstage lies and violence take over.

According to the official statements, she is always responsible for peace and love, never for violence and hatred. We feel that on the contrary her misdeeds, including her e-lies among others, grant her followers with a free divine licence to misbehave as they wish.