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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lies lies lies

Amritanandamayi's reputation has spread thanks to rumors and lies about her supposedly abilities. It brings about a strange paradox.

The SFGate website has published in 2007, an interview from a musician called Prasant Michael. We can suppose that he is a non-resident Indian living somewhere in the San Francisco area. He discusses the matter of his faith and devotion toward Amritanandamayi. Talking about the tsunami on page 3 of the interview he makes the following statement :
She took her sari off and she threw it in the water. This sounds like a fantastic story, and I didn't see it directly, although I saw her later without her sari on. But people said she offered her sari to the ocean, and then the water started receding.
This is a woman who can strop a continentwide tsunami with the sole help of her cloth but she cannot prevent a scandal from spreading in her country without the assistance of devotees, lawyers, celebrities, politicians, massive demonstrations, newspapers advertisements, legal threats, internet whitewashing... The least we can say is that her powers are rather material, incredibly effective in the matter and totaly useless on subtler levels. Such a paradox for a divine incarnation. Is this tsunami miracle really true? The musician answers:
I don't know whether it is, but there are lots of stories like that about her being in touch with nature.
Indeed the internet, the mouths and the ears are full of such claims, some of them being rumors generated by her devotees blended with extracts from her biography :
this is a woman who -- according to her authorized biography (now translated into 31 languages) -- came from low caste beginnings, and at one time subsisted on a diet that included broken glass and human feces, and has now performed miracles like "kissing cobras, diverting rainstorms, and feeding more than a thousand people from a single, small pot"
Is she still able to eat glass in 2014? Or was it only possible 30 years ago, far away from any human eyes? Diverting rainstorms? That's not impressive. She graduated to a whole new level since she can stop tsunamis.

Although this article is critical, it falsely says that Embracing The World runs highly efficient charities over 40 countries. Nothing can be further from the truth. ETW mainly runs charities in India and occasionally makes a big donation to foreign countries or NGOs in case of serious (and publicized) natural disaster. Lies, always lies, even when it's time to report actual facts.

The only true miracle we can really believe in is the one of communication. How come that educated people worldwide are ready to gullibly stick to such fairy tales? What is so wrong in the world that people don't hear the alarm ringing in their head when they hear such nonsense? How to explain that Amritanandamayi's devotees wholeheartedly believe and spread these lies while they perceive Holy Hell as an unbelievable story?