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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amma's Fashion Asia Mall : A Step Toward Healthy Eating in Qatar

When we saw this page, we thought we were dreaming. Amma is a restaurant in Qatar???

The Facebook page informs us that the restaurant Amma's Fashion Asia Mall was opened on September 6 2012 in Doha. "Amma" is a very common name. But it is also a registered trademark. No one can use it freely outside India to name a company, except Amritanandamayi. Moreover the logo is exactly the same as hers. The food is not exclusively vegetarian. One can find chicken, mutton, fish and prawn in the menu.

Can someone please explain us what this has to do with love, compassion, spirituality or charity?

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Can someone explain us what the below picture holds for the future? It is a screenshot taken from, a website which belongs to someone called Ravindrakumar Rao, apparently living in Ontario Canada.

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Here again the logo is the same as Amritanandamayi's one. The About Us section of the website makes a very strange promise :
"Year after year, Amma’s Kitchen will be regarded as the best and most sought after hotel group in the world"
Hotel group? Is she directing this plan or has she been fooled? Where does the money come from to fund such a gigantic project?