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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Amma has nothing to do with AmritaTV, yet...

Here is one more episode from our favorite series namely Amrita Enterprise Private Limited aka AEPL. Amma keep on claiming that this TV channel is nothing but a devotee initiative. AEPL says exactly the same. This company is supposed to have nothing in common with the "Thugging Saint". Then we should tell the Indian journalists because it seems like they didn't get the message clearly.
Our new story starts during the summer 2014. Amma's public image is gnawed on by unpleasant issues. Many voices raise to support her. One of them belongs to Mohanlal, a famous Keralan actor. He is a long term devotee and gives many interviews to help his beloved master, calling her a "real Angel".

But Mohanlal has a few problems. To begin with he is having a cold war with leading Malayalam television channels. Moreover he has health problems, he is required to slow down and shoot only two to three films a year. Where are the Angels when we most need them?

Here they come. That's the moment when our favorite spiritual leader makes her appearance on stage. She pays a visit to the actor at the hospital. What for?
"The television rights of Mohanlal's recent release Mr Fraud is bagged by Amrita TV and it is rumoured that the channel will get the television rights of all Mohanlal movies which releases in the future ... It is rumored that, Mohanlal took the decision upon the insistence of Mata Amritanandamayi, whom he is a great devotee of, when she visited him during his treatment period in the Amrita Hospital"
Why does she give a hand for the managers of Amrita TV to get what they have been unsuccessfully craving for? Maybe we are mistaking. She is only trying to put her faithfull devotee on the tracks of a successful spiritual life. We, poor sinners (sob), only see the material aspect of the story, we miss the most essential parts of it.

The story is not over. At the end of October, a rumor spreads in the social media. Mohanlal is likely become the new chairman of Amrita TV! What a chance! His carrier was jeopardized. Has he found a new occupation? How? Who should be thanked? Not Amma, because she has absolutely no link with Amrita TV. Yet, the reporter writes :
"Mohanlal is likely to be the Chairman of Amritha TV, run by Mata Amritanandamayi"
In a nutshell, all these facts are supposed to prove that Amritanandamayi is not related in any way to Amrita TV. Why do we find it hard to believe?