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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Failed promotion in Spain

The Mexican writer, journalist and photograph Mauricio-José Schwarz has talked to Sanal Edamaruku two years ago. The famous Indian rationalist explained him a few things about Amma. Some of the revelations are surprising.

M. Schwarz discovered Amma  in 2012 through a TEDx -- supposedly scientific -- event, held in Valencia Spain. The new-age like content of the conferences provoked outrage of both people and media. Obviously one of the "scientific" speakers tried to promote Amma and it has been a total failure.

M. Schwarz later met Sanal Edamaruku and learnt a little bit more about the "Saint". M. Edamaruku has often criticized Amma after studying her so-called miracles, he is thus likely to know a lot about her. The details that the writer shares with us leave us wanting for more :
a) she has a cognitive impairment, to put it mildly
b) she has invented this story because she likes to put her hands on people and in India it is frowned upon for a woman to do so
c) she has been supported and promoted by an ex-partner of Sai Baba and has been elevated to the position that we know
d) where the money is because there is much more, the president of the state of Kerala has attempted to try to figure out the amount of her astronomical fortune
e) her miracles are as fraudulent as Sai Baba's ones
f) around her ashram there are many doubts regarding sex scandals (starring among others her agent in Finland, Taavi Kassila), strange deaths and literally billions of dollars (if you have billions, it's not a problem to give 60 million for disaster relief and get political support in the process)
g) she has openly prosecuted, with money and political power, the rationalists who have debunked her, notably Sreeni Pattathanam, who wrote a book about her many years ago.

Cognitive impairment? We would like to know a little bit more about this topic. Can this "impairment" account for the so-called divine transe and danse that she used to perform in her youth?

She enjoys touching people physically? It is true that whenever she meets someone, in addition to hugging she sometimes rubs the arm, the shoulder, the back, the chest, the belly, the face... We are so glad that her hands don't go so far as rubbing her guests bellow the belt! Is the darshan really meant to give us a vision of God and to spread love in the world? Or is it simply a kind of pathological need, providing her with mental, emotional or physical relief?

Promoted by an ex-partner of Sai Baba? Who is it? Names, please!

Thanks to the FCRA we have an idea of her income in foreign currency. It is true that we don't know anything about the accounts in rupees. Billions? Is it exaggerated or does Embracing The World/Mata Amritnandamayi Math really handles such fortune thanks to the Indian donations, the book/CD/DVD selling, the poojas in Brahmasthanam temples, the schools, the hospital, the governement subsidies, the NGOs grants, the ayurvedic products, the United Nations funds...

Sex scandals around the ashram? We already know about Taavi Kassila, but the writer seems to suggest that there are many more secret sexual stories, known by the locals only.

In spite of all our posts, we really feel like we have barely seen the tip of the Ammiceberg.