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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Amma has commando security team

Can you imagine Amma giving darshan with heavily armed soldiers standing right behind her chair?

The Indian governement has decided to grant 'Z' category security cover to Mata Amritanandamayi. Is it because of her political commitment with the right-wing party? Who knows? Anyway she seems to be threatened and it doesn't appear to be for religious reasons.

How will she succeed in keeping the compassionate atmosphere during her program with a warlike background? How do the devotees experience the hug with so many tooled up commandos running about her ashram with nervous trigger fingers?

"two dozen security personnel will be guarding her round the clock"
"Amritanandamayi, 64, and her ashram in Kerala will be guarded by 40 CRPF personnel, a para-military force fighting Naxalites in central India and militancy in Kashmir"
"the commandos will provide proximate security to the spiritual leader, who will also have two escort vehicles in her convoy when she travels"
We wish we could find such pictures online to figure out what is going on. We guess that she won't allow the whole world to witness such disavowal. Indeed, in January 2015 Amma said :
"God doesn’t need any protection from human beings"
As far as we know commandos are human. We guess that she will use the same old argument : she is not afraid, she doesn't do that for herself, she accepted the security cover only "at the request of her devotees".

But what about the spectacular demonstrations that are told in her biography? Whenever someone tried to hurt her she would foresee the assaulter's intention then expose him, disable him or melt his heart him just by looking in his eyes with a smile. Why not performing these feats again nowadays?

She repeats over and over that a true spiritual seeker must rely on God. We must confide in the Divine for every big and little thing. Can't she do the same so that we can firmly follow the Guru's footsteps?

Now we wonder. Some people believe that she watches over her devotees even when they are miles away from her. How can she protect her devotees if she is not able to protect herself?