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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Police over food complain

Many customers complain on the internet about the services provided by Amritanandamayi’s educational institutions. Food is often said to be awful at the school’s mess.

One may say that teenagers who are away from home are likely to miss the way their mother used to cook.  So is the food really so bad? It's hard to know what is really going on.
Anyway the anger sometimes grows out of control.
It happened in March 2018 at Amrita College of Engineering in Vallikkavu. Students claiming that the food was "not fit for human consumption" held a protest. Rumors say that worms were found is the food.
The officials answered that it was set up. Many students would like to leave the compounds of the college to eat outside but they are not allowed to. So they supposedly play all kinds of nasty tricks to put the blame on the food. Are they kept inside for security reasons or is is just another profit issue? The students have to pay for the food and the fees are said to be quite expensive. Letting them eat anywhere else would be a financial loss for Amma's institutions.
Anyway, the police had to come to the rescue once again for the violence was escalating. The officials were required to shut the school down. The images speak for themselves.

Yet this is not the first time. A blood-stained plaster had supposedly been found in a dish in November 2017. The police had to come again.

Last but not least, the worms came back in October 2018 in Amrita University, next to Amritapuri Ashram :
"The food is 'eatable' only once in a blue moon. they're providing the students with ashram food.( mayb they're using the students' money to provide food for ashram-mates too)"
Maybe the food is the same for both the University and the Ashram but the difference is huge. No one will ever see a devotee complaining about anything. Everything Amma does is either perfect or designed on purpose for the spiritual upliftment of her children. A worm in the food would thus be like a kind of grace, something for the spiritual seeker to learn a lesson.

The students are not devotees though. They pay a lot for services and they expect them to be genuine. As the authorities don't really listen, violence rose again.
"everything turned violent, students lost control and started breaking furniture and broke the glass of the mess van thinking that at least after that there will be a solution. The students were there till midnight 12 am "
According to the end of the article, suspension is now threatening those who partook to the protest.

Nurse protest. Parents protest. Students protest. Police each time. She pretends that she is aiming at spreading love, how come that she is surrounded by such violence?