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We believe that Indian guru Mata Amritanandamayi known as the “Hugging Saint” is Embezzling The World. Help us to spread the truth about her.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Smothering Kerala's Environment

During the celebration of her 66th birthday in September 2019 in Amritapuri, Mata Amritanandamayi addressed her audience with a major subject. Ecology is a core value to Embracing The World.

 Indeed her speech was all about how important it is to respect and protect nature :
"We are the children of that revered Mother Nature. She only ever had love and compassion for us. We, on the other hand, have just stomped all over her and kicked her in the chest. Now that loving mother has fallen ill and is exhausted"
She is right. Climate change is a warning. We should reconsider the way we live before it's too late. Enough with talks. Let's act. Amma has been environmentally conscious for so long. Why not follow her lead?

At this point, the Huffington Post prompts us to think twice before doing as Amma does because
"her math stands as a much-criticised symbol of rampant illegal construction"
Her ashram, which is said to be smothering Kerala's environment, has repeatedly violated the Coastal Regulation Zone rules which are meant to protect marine ecosystems. The high buildings are now considered a great threat to the environment, in addition to being illegal and lacking land ownership documents. Without proper declaration, tax cannot be collected so Amma's Math owes the state of Kerala millions of rupees.

But after all that's no surprise. In 2015, villagers held a protest against one of her engineering college in Kollam, which used to release its sewage water right into the village. Is this supposed to show us how she defines "respect"?

Amma is loud about environment issues but she doesn't necessarily do as she says. I seems that she preaches to act otherwise. Gullible devotees listen to her but they don't check the facts.