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We believe that Indian guru Mata Amritanandamayi known as the “Hugging Saint” is Embezzling The World. Help us to spread the truth about her.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Human after all?

An information received from a reliable source is currently spreading among Mata Amritanandamayi’s devotees. Yet this story still needs to be verified. We chose to share it, hoping to get more details to confirm or refute the facts.

It is said that Amma left her Amritapuri ashram under a veil of secrecy one fine night of December 2020, creating a story for the residents to not wonder nor worry about her absence. She arrived at AIMS at 1 AM, probably to avoid being seen by other patients. The hospital registered her under the name “Addi Lakshmi”.

Her uterus was removed by robotic surgery. The caregivers determined that she also needed angioplasty, most likely due to complications from three decades of diabetes.

She was discharged only two days after and all records were destroyed on the hospital computers.

This story makes sense because it only takes a few hours to performs angioplasty. Patients recover very fast, some can leave the hospital a few hours after the operation. Same thing for robotic hysterectomy,  overnight observation is enought to ensure that the operation is successful. Moreover this technique requires a small nursing staff, this can help to keep the secret.

Why the need for secrecy? Surely her followers would only shower her with love and care. They know that sitting for hours to hug people is straining for the body. They must be grateful for her sacrifice. Is she afraid they will loose faith in her? Are not lies and deception more harmful to faith than transparency and acknowledging that she is human? Is she worried they will consider her less divine?

Indeed she is supposed to be some kind of invincible goddess or at least a supernatural human. When asked how she can stand to sit for hours, she often talks about the divine battery she is plugged in while the rest of us only suck on the ego’s feeble one. Her direct connection to God is supposed to give her infinite power. She often preaches about saints like Branthan, who was so totally surrendered to God that he didn’t care about curing the elephantiasis on his leg. Such stories are meant for the devotees to change their way of life, to become oblivious of material life and melt with God.

These stories and legends are inspiring but what about reality? Amma was once said to be able to remove Manglik curse. According to her closest disciples, she cured Dattan from leprosy. But nowadays she asks God to make prime minister Narendra Modi strong enough to protect India from Covid19. 68 foreigners had to be quarantined in Amritapuri due to contamination suspicion in March 2020. The ashramites are still locked and now deprived from darshan because of social distancing rules. Maybe knowing that their guru needs (and seeks) surgical operation could shatter their cracking faith. 

Where is all the divine magic she has been advertising for decades? She must abide by a human government after claiming that she was one with God. Human laws required her to stop hugging and she obeyed. If she must rely on human surgeons to save her own life then what is left?