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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mysterious accounting

It is true that the the M.A. Math doesn't have any employees. This may be seen as a proof that there are no financial manipulations in this organization. But taking a closer look gives another point of view.
Some voices raise from time to time in India to question the financial side of the story. Unfortunately, the nationalists parties are there to take good care of Amma's business. With such powerful protections truth will be hard to discover. Anyway a few incidental events show that her activities are far from being charitable.

For instance, the suicide of a student of the Amrita Institute of Technology reveals that this school has very strange rules. A student who fails in one subject has to pay a fine of $97. The fine is higher for those who dare celebrate their birthday: $407! The schools are advertised as charitable activities in western countries. A simple glance at the official websites is enough to see that it is a big lie. They are juicy businesses. But why apply such draconian rules in addition? Do all indian schools have such rules?

Some students' parents don't seem to be happy with the Amrita schools either. This complaint mentions a deposit problem. This second complaint also deals with money among others but it is more suprising: each year Amma sends sales representatives to recruit new students in the Arab Emirates. We are definitely at the opposite of the compassionate mother who wants to educate the poor of her country. It is more about a businesswoman who lures the wealthiest citizens.

Another article on this site exposes the strange use of the donations. According to the Indian Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 62% of the donations made to the M.A. Math are simply not used at all. On her european tour in 2013, Amma has been interviewed by a swiss journalist, who asked about the destination of the missing money. The answer is suprising. Anyway, with such blurred accounting, the M.A. Math doesn't meet the criteria required by the swiss authorities to be considered a "clean" organisation.