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Friday, January 3, 2014

Faith abuse is dangerous

Faith can move mountains. Beware not to be crushed when they fall back to the ground.
What is this young man doing? Shyam S. Probhodini is tied, standing in front of a lake.
That is his unique swimming style. The article mentions that he is backed in his activities :
"Aiming to swim the English Channel, the lifeguard at the Marine Enforcement in Kochi, sounds confident enough. ``I'll be trying for a unique record while attempting to cross the Channel with my hands and legs tied'', Shyam said, who has affixed the club Probhodini's name to his name, since it was this club back home which had backed him in his activities, besides `Amma'."
So he is supported by a club which certainly provides him with material means and safety crew. He is also backed by Amma. We have no detail regarding her support so we can assume that he has put his faith in her. It is mandatory to hang on to a strong "mental rope" when one performs such risky and painful sporting effort. The faith must cling firmly to something, for the sportsman to bend the body, overcome the pain and feel self confident.

And one fine day a different kind of news sends shivers down the spine of the readers. The young man was only 23 years old and he is dead. How many people did the same?

How many people jeopardized their lives and lost everything because they chose to have faith in Amma, instead of listening to common sense, worried relatives, friendly advice or medical counsel? How many are missing by reason of blind faith? How many people have discarded the danger signs because they were absolutely sure to be protected by an omnipotent goddess? How to think otherwise when Amma's devotees are prompted to recite her 108 names every morning?

Faith can move mountains. Faith abuse can destroy life.