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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is there a puppeteer?

We all know that Amma the mother of millions rushed to help the tsunami victims in 2004. She pledged what? 18? 36? Maybe 43? Nevermind. She pledged plenty of millions of dollars to feed people, rebuild houses, grant healthcares... We feel like exclaiming "How Compassionate"! Then we have recently found some pieces of information that make us want to also shout "Such hypocrisy"!

Indeed. The "Healthcare" section of Amma UK website says :
"Amma’s Ashram on behalf of Healthcare Charities, Inc., U.S.A. (an initiative of Amma's devotees), pledged one billion rupees, $23 million U.S., in tsunami relief aid
After meeting with the President of Sri Lanka, Amma, on behalf of Healthcare Charities, Inc., U.S.A., offered 30 million Indian rupees, $685,000 U.S., for relief work, including the construction of hundreds of homes"
Usually she pledges the tsunami relief in her own name and fame. She forgets to tell us that 23 millions of dollars come from one specific US organisation called Healthcare Charities Inc (HCI).

One can say that donations pour in from the whole world to contribute in her mission and help her save the world. So there's nothing special about getting 23 millions for the tsunami relief. Conveniently the M.A. Math had to fill in FCRA forms starting from 2006. As incredible as it may sound, this huge amount of foreign donation cannot be found in Amritapuri's financial statements.

Who knows? Maybe the M.A. Math never got this money. Amma's personal Curriculum Vitae gives a disturbing detail :
"Massive reconstruction and building of over 6200 tsunami affected or destroyed homes in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Sri Lanka (M.A. Center and Healthcare Charities, Inc.)"

Who has actually rebuilt the destroyed houses? M.A. Math with donations or HCI with it's own money?

It's strange to see that Healthcare Charities Inc. seems to lie at the root of many major charities, yet Amma looks like she is taking all credit for the action and funding. For instance this page entitled Amma provides 3 crores in Tsunami relief aid to Sri Lanka, make us believe that she generousy opened her personal wallet to ease the pain of the poor Sri Lankan survivors. But a little sentence tells us how thing really unfolded :
"The relief work and financial assistance is being handled through Healthcare Charities Inc., a devotee-run group in connection with the Mata Amritanandamayi Center in U.S.A"
What to think about this announcement called Amma to start an orphanage in Haiti?
"The new orphanage in Haiti is being developed specifically through the Mata Amritanandamayi Center’s Health Care Charities, Inc., and the Amma Foundation of Canada"
Healthcares Charities came back again to Sri Lanka in a new episode named Ashram to build 160 houses in Sri Lanka :
"The funding for the houses comes though Amma’s devotees via Healthcare Charities Inc., USA"
What is HealthCare Charities Inc? It is a corporation located in San Ramon, which alternate name is "The AIMS Project". The president is Ronald B. Gottsegen. This man is also administrative director of Amrita Institute of Medical Science (AIMS), the hospital that Amma built supposedly out of compassion for those who cannot afford deluxe health cares. According to Charity Navigator, the AIMS Project was created in 1995. But AIMS hospital was inaugurated in 1998.

The American AIMS Project started before the Indian AIMS hospital
Both have the same director

AIMS Healthcares Charities is based in M.A. Center, San Ramon. Why do find it absolutely natural to see that the trademark Amma® legally belongs to M.A. Center? The cute logo showing a mother hugging a child also legally belongs to M.A. Center. Amritapuri's logo, the symbole and motto of the indian ashram, is also owned by the American center. Whenever a non-religious event is held, Karen "Sneha" Moawad, founder of Hummingbirds Associates is on stage along with Amma or her representatives. She can be easily spotted on the pictures.

Now we wonder. Are Mata Amritanandamayi and her charities a pure genuine exotic product designed, packaged and marketed by Californian businessmen?