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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Go and kill for Peace and Love

This kind of event is new. It has never been done before in Amrita campus. What is it? It's called AFF...

Amma says that she lives according to her teachings. What does she promote? She preaches Peace, Love, Respect, taking care of each others, taking care of life in general, caring about the welfare of animals and plants. How does she practice?

According to AmritaPuriCampus Facebook page, this is one of the ways that she practices what she preaches :
"Welcome all, to the very first meeting of Armed Forces Forum (AFF) of Amritapuri Campus to be held on 02-Feb-2015 (Monday) in Amriteswari Hall at 4.00 PM. This session will explore insights into the future working of the forum and various sessions that can be organized and 200+ student aspirants will also get a chance to meet & interact with experts from the defence services."
Talking about Love while helping to recruit for the Army. What is the purpose of men running fast, holding big machine guns in their hands? Inflicting pain to foster Peace? Spreading death to enforce Love? Amma's divine ways become more and more unfathomable.

Or maybe she only preaches whereas other people make decisions? Indeed, such a coincidence : the Armed Force Forum of Amritapuri was held just when Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a call, asking the youth to join the army in order to "fight terrorism". So? Who really decides what should be done within the various institutions? Is she allowed to smile, sing, dance, joke, moralize and hug, to talk only about food, household, family, nature and spirituality, like a perfect housewife, while serious matters are managed by serious men?

To conlude this post, let's meditate on Mata Amritanandamayi's own true words of sweet wisdom :

(and let's avoid to think about her actions in order to protect ourselves from cognitive dissonance)