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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tuition Fees in USD

We do our best to deliver accurate information on this blog but it's not easy when it's about money. Most amounts are in rupees. We divide the number by 60 to give approximate sum in dollars. But this time we have found a very interesting document.

It gives Amrita Schools tuition fees for Non Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin. So if you were born abroad within an Indian family, this is what you will have to pay to be allowed to study in an Amrita institution. No need make any currency conversion because all fees are in US Dollar.

Feel free to browse :
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We cannot help giving a screenshot of the most impressive row :
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MBBS courses $144,000 !

If you wonder what the little star refers to then you can read the caption at the end of the document :
"*MBBS : Total fee of USD 144000 to be paid in three instalments. First (at the time of admission) - USD 74000, Second (at the begining of second year) - USD 35000, third (at the begining of third year) - USD 35000"

Are there still some devotees left on earth who wish to pretend that Amma uses our donations to educate poor people in India ?