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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Better than AIMS

Mata Amritanandamayi has built the Amrita Institute of Medical Science (AIMS) out of compassion for poor people who couldn't afford for super-specialty health care. Good news, she is planning to build one more hospital.

This brand new establishment will be located in Haryana, fitted with 2000 beds, an intensive care unit, a research center, a medical college and a nursing school. In fact it is exactly like AIMS with a few differences.

First of all it seems like this new hospital be bigger than the AIMS and its 1450 beds. We wonder if the figures accurate when we see that AIMS spreads over 125 acres, while the Haryana hospital will be allocated an area of 76.345 acres.

Secondly, the USA are deeply involved in AIMS, it's confusing because they seem to be its true founders. Besides Ron Gottsegen has been working there as the administrative director since the very beginning. Things seem to be otherwise with this new hospital of Haryana. It seem to be a 100% Indian project with no American devotee involved.

Thirdly, the word "poor" is lacking in the newspaper article. What is the purpose the project?
"the proposed super specialty hospital and medical college in private sector will strengthen the existing para medical facilities and will serve not only urban population of Faridabad-Ballabhgarh Urban Complex rather it will serve the rural population of hinter land of Faridabad and Palwal districts and adjoining area of Haryana as well as Utter Pradesh.
Setting up of such reputed Institute will further accelerate the planned urban development of Faridabad. Besides, this project will generate substantial employment opportunities in this area on one hand and on the other promote biochemical and medical instruments industries"
No more poor people. No more helping. No more saving the world. It is only about economic and scientific development. It is about biochemical industries among other goals.

At the end of the article, the journalist finds it important to remind us that the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) is both "an international charitable organization aimed at spiritual and material upliftment of humankind" and "a Center of Excellence for research in areas such as nano-technology, bio-technology, haptics, security systems, wireless sensors". Indeed the "material upliftment of humankind" through technology becomes more and more obvious for the general public.

AIMS is sometimes nicknamed "the crown jewel of Amma's institution". This new hospital is designed to be bigger than AIMS, so we guess that Amma is craving for bigger jewels. We can also wonder if the Indians are fed up to depend on the Americans and eager to set up business on their own without having to maintain a hypocritical humanitarian cover to please Western devotees.

One information is missing. How much will it cost? Needless to repeat that the donations are meant (in theory) for humanitarian projects, for given the great success of her last world tour, we assume that devotees enjoy to be fooled.