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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Murder is forgivable

Some people are currently hitting the newspapers headline because they spread violence in the world in the name of God. Maybe it's high time that we realized that all religions can potentially lead to the same kind of extremes.

How does this subject connect to Amritanandamayi? She hugs huge crowds supposedly to pour divine love upon the masses. How can such a soft act bring about anything harmful? The answer lies precisely in our heart.

When we are driven by strong emotions we become able to move mountains and cross oceans. If we drift too far away from reality then we can incidentally fall into delusion and believe that killing human beings is worthwhile.

American actor Russell Brand illustrates that point in an interview given in 2015 to Deccan Chronicle.

First comes emotion :
"a distilled maternal warmth that hummed with infantile comfort"
Then comes the abusive reasoning :
"Such is the positive impact of Amma’s work that if I found out she’d murdered someone, I’d think it’s forgivable"

He asserts the same thing on his blog phrased differently. He is not the only one. Many devotees think this way and it is obvious that they really mean it.

Mata Amritanandamayi's account books are scandalous. She charges huge fees in her educational and health institutions. Her former assistant has delivered a disturbing testimonial. She is very close to right wing politicians. At most 10% of the foreign donation are spent in charitable projects. Suspicious deaths occured in her ahsram... Her devotees don't seem to care about any of this. Just like Russell Brand does, they emphasize the "good" things she has done to condone the bad things.

Will they care if she ever murders someone openly? Mata Amritanandamayi is often compared to Sai Baba. Most of his devotees remained faithfull when he was accused of rape and murder. We can infer that her followers are likely to do the same, especially when they say it loud and clear.