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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

AEPL is a spiritual octopus

Here comes a new episode in the AEPL saga. Our favorite business sitcom began when we put online a post dealing with the blur connections between Amrita Enterprise Private Limited and the Mata Amritanandamayi Math.

Following this publication the director of AEPL answered that we were lying skunks and lying bastards because he couldn't see any link between his company and the M.A. Math. We went a little bit further in our inquiry and found additional elements showing that both institutions are connected. Today, another piece of information just came to our listening ears.

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The above picture is a screenshot taken on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India. The CIN for AEPL is U74999PY2003PTC001704. Who are the signatories of this company? Our insulting friend Sreekumar Karunakaran is part of the board of course, but also a man called Jnanamritanandapuri Kunjan.

Jnanamritanandapuri... Is he Swamiji Jnana Amritananda Puri? Is he the renunciate wearing Kashaya Vastharam, the saffron robe of Sanyasa which means that he has dedicated his life to the divine? The swami who has decided that spiritual quest is more valuable than worldly life is one of the 4 directors of AEPL? Is it a joke? Has he joined in the company on his own or has he been sent there by the Embodiment of Compassion? If he gets a director's salary then his "renunciation" looks rather hypocritical. If he gets no salary then his job is a seva, he works in a profitable enterprise as a kind of selfless spiritual practise. In both cases there's something weird. In both cases AEPL and the M.A. Math are connected.

AEPL's board also comprises a man called Mahadevan Rama Iyer. According to some testimonials he is an inmate of the ashram, very close to Amritanandamayi and also supposed to be a renunciate. Anyway he seems to be involved in a very strong friendship with Sreekumar Karunakaran. Both are directors in 3 enterprises :
  • Amrita Centre For Research And Development (CIN U73100PY2011NPL002610)
  • Amrita Enterprise Private Limited (CIN U74999PY2003PTC001704)
  • Amrita Technologies (India) Private Limited (CIN U72900PY2008PTC002201)
Amrita Technologies Private Limited belongs to AEPL whereas Amrita Centre For Research And Development is part of Amritanandamayi's university. Mister Sreekumar Karunakaran asserts that he doesn't see the link between AEPL and the M.A. Math. Should he grab a mirror to find it?

Amritanandamayi's devotees are so restless, so energetic, it's rather impressive. Particularly this Sreekumar Karunakaran who is so far the director of 3 companies. What else does he do? He is also the director of a fourth enterprise called Express Publications (Madurai) Limited (CIN U22121TN1959PLC003776).
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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs shows us that the email for this publication house is What does it mean?
AEPL's director is also one of the directors of The New Indian Express?
The man who runs 3 institutions related to Amritanandamayi also manages a newspaper? Many people wonder why the media don't criticize her. Maybe the answer is not as mysterious as it seems.

How many of her devotees hold key positions? How many use their assignment to foster her advancement? How many misuse their power to silence her critics? What is the extent of her spiritual tentacles in the Indian society? Amritanandamayi's supporters pretend that those who criticize her have a plan to defame all saints and attack Hinduism. Isn't she spoiling this religion with her malpractice? Isn't she degrading sanctity? What does spirituality means for such people? What is their definition for Dharma? To discover it, stay tune in to the next episode of our soap opera called "AEPL", an ugly series about spiritual (hypocritical?) charitable profitable business.