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Friday, December 27, 2013

We are "lying skunks" and "lying bastards"

A new article has been published on, the blog which supposedly talks about the scandals regarding Amma. "Supposedly" because in fact this blog debunks all the scandals before praising Amma's work. According to this new post the members of the Amritasatyamayi team are "lying skunks" and "lying bastards". What else could they mean? In fact if anyone is telling lies it is them!

Unfortunately, AmmaScandal Team have noticed that insulting internet bloggers is likely to give a bad image of Amma's devotees. The post on has been modified, the insults have been erased. If you want to see the original post, here it is :

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As a response to our post about Amrita Enterprise Private Limited, his director writes :
"It is a misconception that all entities carrying the name ‘Amrita’ are related to the Mata Amritanandamayi Math"
Of course! All along our inquiry we have come across a lot of enterprises which name begins with "Amrita". Some of these enterprises are not even located in India. Fortunately they are not all related to the M.A. Math, otherwise Amma would own the whole world!

But sometimes we ask ourselves a few questions. For instance, except for the photo of Amma on the home page, there is no particular reason to think that Amrita Property is related to the M.A. Math. The head behind this enterprise is Satish Kumar. Then we notice that there is also a Satish Kumar working at the marketing office of AmritaTV in Trivandrum. But there are so many Satish Kumar in India, maybe they are 2 different men. Who knows?

In fact we have many reasons to think that AEPL is related in one way or another to the M.A. Math.

This is Amma's logo. It represents a woman with a bun hugging a child.
This is AEPL's logo. What does it represent? Well, it looks like a woman with a bun hugging a child, are we mistaking?

Having similar logos doesn't prove anything so let's go further. AmritaTV is the main institution of AEPL. What are the other institutions of this corporation?

Amrita Life : an online shop which sells ayurvedic products. This project has been blessed by Amma herself. She has the right to bless whatever enterprise she wants. It doesn't mean that both are related.

Amrita Learning : a branch which sells educational softwares. It is strange to see that the products have been elaborated with the help of Amrita University. Puzzling. To purchase a product, one has to send the payment to AIMS. AIMS? Isn't it Amma's "charitable" hospital?

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham???

The website for Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is, it's Amma's university!
When Amma tours in western countries, her university is advertised as being a part of her "charities". She is even the chancellor of the university. Why do we see Amma's University among AEPL's institutions?

If Amma's PR team is only able to answer to our articles with insults, does it mean that they don't have any other argument? Dear Amma PR team, try to understand that we are just confused, only looking for true explanations, because the spiritual seekers are sometimes nicknamed "truth seekers". Your poetic publication on only adds more confusion.