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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Has she forseen the irregular tax exemption?

The M.A. Math is among a list of 240 irregular tax exemption cases.

Of course one can say that she is in a divine state. Everything she does is perfect but she is surrounded by human beings who are likely to make mistakes. The M.A. Math have tax issues? It has nothing to do with her. It is not related to spirituality. The accountants have surely made an error. She is not responsible for her devotees wrong actions. She is only accountable for their good actions.

But many of her followers, devotees and disciples believe that she is a kind of all-knowing divine incarnation, who can read the minds and make predictions for the future. According to brahmachari Dhyanamrita Chaitanya, "Amma, who is grounded in immortal bliss, knows everyone's innermost thoughts."

Couldn't she read her accountants mind to avoid the damages? Did she read their minds and let them go astray on purpose? Or maybe she is not able to read the minds and the future?