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Sunday, December 15, 2013

$2000 for the non-needy

The products sold in the many shops of Amma are rather expensive. Nevertheless her devotees are happy to purchase these items at excessive costs, for the M.A. Math official speeches assert that every single cent is spent in charitable projects, in an effort to help the poor and the needy in every possible way.

Besides, every year the M.A. Math confers the Amritakeerti Puraskar National Award. Launched in 2001, this award is aimed at supporting the "individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of spirituality, philosophy, science or literature" and it comes with a cash prize of nearly $2000.

This winner for 2013 is Prof. Manoj Das a litterateur who has published many books and regularly work for various newspapers. He has already been awarded by other institutions all along his carrier. The least we can say is that he is not needy at all. Yet the M.A. Math gave him $2000.

Encouraging arts, science and spirituality is noble, but why creating one more award while poverty invades the world?  How many poor people could be helped by such an amount? Where does the money of the prize come from?

If Amma's religion is love (and not hinduism) why does this award only goes to indian personalities? Why not rewarding equally all her children worldwide, for instance by choosing a different country each year? The first  award has been given to Acharya Narendra Bhooshan, who has a controversial point of view about the other religions. Is she connected to the hindutva political agenda like some authors say?