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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The spiritual village cannot be profitable without Amma

In 2001 the state of Kerala had a great idea. why not turning the spiritual tourism into a profitable business? Great idea.
And it is called HHV, which means "Holistic Health Village". This place is meant to gather spiritualism, meditation and tourism to offer "its visitor a totally new experience". But achieving such a project requires a little bit of expertise in spiritual merchandising. Who can we call to the rescue? Mata Amritanandamayi of course! She is so experienced with her spiritual empire that she is highly qualified to build a village.

The promoters don't hide their true intention which is to attract international tourists and their precious foreign currencies. They expect this business to have a yearly revenue turnover of nearly $27,346,223. The government and the M.A. Math plan to have equal shares in the benefits. Has this plan been realized or not?

One question remains. What does the M.A. Math supposedly bring? There is no employee in this organization, only volunteers. Does it means that the volunteers would have been required to work for free in a profitable business? The M.A. Math is supposed to be a non-profit organization, raising funds to finance charitable projects. Would the M.A. Math have invested the donations into the HHV?

Swami Amritaswarup describe the HHV as their "biggest social-service project", it means that the M.A. Math have smaller "social-services". But this service would have generated  more than $13,000,000 per year! So what does "social-services" really means for Swami Amritaswarup? How much does the M.A. Math earn with the small ones? Can we have an exhaustive list of the M.A. Math's "social-services" in order to discriminate them from the charitable projects?