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Monday, May 26, 2014

Thank you violence

A recent rumor says that "the issue around Mata Amritanandamayi had almost died down". How come? Who or what to thank for that?

After rationalists writers and thinkers, Indians TV and newspapers journalists, nurses on strike, thousands of facebook commenters, a french psychologist, Swiss online newspapers, communist activists, the residents of Green Avenue in Dehli, a publisher's house, a bookstore, a swami, western bloggers... Amritanandamayi's devotees have found a brand new target to attack. They have started a poster war in the city were the actor Mammooty lives. What is he guilty of? In fact he is the chairman of Kairali group, the TV channel which broadcasted the interview that the journalist John Brittas made of Gail Tredwell. They accuse him of communalism for allowing this interview to be aired and transcripted as a book.

Does it mean that in order to enjoy communal peace, India must help a fake godwoman to lie to the whole world?

Gail Tredwell is not the only one to speak against Amritanandamayi. Voices are starting to be heard on Facebook, on Amazon, on Wikipedia, in newsgroups, in private emails... There is something really wrong with this woman. Her financial activities are far from being clear, her religious pretentions lack serious background, her long term devotees are either high-ups of her institutions or gone far away from her and more silent than graves. Yet, the issue about her is dying. Is it because she is an enlightened saint before who the obstacles gently melt by the simple magic of her endless compassion? Is it because the elections are over in India and the left parties have no more interest in vociferously criticizing her to gnaw on Narendra Modi's popularity? Or is it because her devotees are violent with anyone who dares utter a word against her?

Given the achievements listed above, we bet that the last option is likely to be the most important. Her ex-devotees are trying to warn the world that in spite of the compassionate coating displayed on stage, violence rules backstage. Are they lying for free to defame her? Well, anyone can see that indeed her devotees are currently acting violently, just like they did in the past. Just click on the "Violence"  and "Threats" sections of this blog to have a clearer view upon their usual behavior. This should be the signal that the so-called rumors about her are likely to be grounded in some truths.