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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vain support and vain silence?

The Amritanandamayi issue bursted just a few month before the Indian general election of 2014. The left parties leaders chose to remain silent, supposedly by fear of the devotees wrath which could deprive them from precious votes. The right parties used this controversy to demonstrate their concern for Hinduism, hoping to seduce her devotees and get their votes. Silence competed against Support. And the winner is...?

The winner of the general election is Narendra Modi from BJP, the great friend of Amritanandamayi, the one who made a point of attending to her 60th birthday and broadly advertized this event as a major part of his electoral campaign. Some newspapers now allege that "Attack on Mata Amritanandamayi led CPM to debacle" in Kerala. If this is true then supporting Amritanandamayi must lead to outstanding victory.

That was probably what BJP had thought. Modi came to celebrate Amritanandamayi's birthday and bowed in front of her before delivering a vibrant campaign speech. He adorned his own website with numberless pictures showing him in all kinds of moving situations with the "Embodiment of Love". Various political leaders from Sangh Parivar raised their voices and made amazing public statements to rescue the "Ever Radiant Truth" from scandal. An impressive massive gathering of major political and religious personalities was held at Kochi in March by Sangh Parivar to counteract the so-called defamation campaign against the "Hugging Saint". In spite of all these efforts, BJP hasn't won a single seat in Kerala. It seems like they have placed their political hopes in her holy bosom in vain. She claims to have millions of devoted followers. Where are they?

Maybe CPM debacle in Kerala has nothing to do with Amritanandamamayi. Maybe BJP victory in other states has nothing to do with her either. Maybe the reasons must be searched for in politics only. Maybe her average Indian devotees have the same profile as the western ones : thousands of them flock to see her whenever she tours in their area, they enjoy everything they can, to then forget about her as soon as she leaves. Maybe her core Indian devotees are like the ones in western countries, few in number but highly placed in society, so that they can make a lof of noise for the world to believe that they are countless. According to some newspapers Modi has been elected by disillusioned voters who "put aside concerns about Modi's Hindu-centric politics" because they expect him to lift up the economy of the country. Maybe his 3D hologram harvested more votes than the 60's birthday of the "Mother of Compassion". Maybe this event made him loose the wotes of the Keralites who were afraid of his lack of secularism and were unable to put aside his Hindu-centric politics. Can we suppose that Amritanandamamayi prevented Modi from making history in Kerala?

We have previously asked a question in this blog. The right wing politicians have supported Amritanandamayi to gain votes from her devotees, will they still support her after the election? Today we ask a new question. Now that they plainly see that supporting her didn't brought the victory that they were expecting in Kerala, do they have any other reason to keep on supporting her?