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Monday, June 16, 2014

Rescued by an internet terrorist?

In 2007(?) a group of ex-devotees began to criticize Amritanandamayi. Their blog's was called Cult of the hugging saint. They have been attacked so violently that they had to give up. What happened?

We can only try to figure out what happened by looking at the traces left online. After it the blog went live, another blog was created. Called Cult of the hugging saint exposed, this new blog obviously maintained by zealous devotees, was dedicated at defaming the ex-devotees.

A third blog appeared. According to "Cult of the hugging saint exposed" exposed, the internet terrorist Gerald "Joe" Moreno was part of the defaming team. For many years this American citizen had been attacking Sai Baba critics, he seems to have provided the same convenience to Amritanandamayi. Is it true or not? On his personal blog Amritanandamayi is part of his Gurus Hall of Fame. Was he a devotee? On another blog dedicated to Sai Baba, he has created a whole section related to Amritanandamayi. It includes the slandering blog that he supposedly helped to set up.

We can observe that this man was so virulent when he abused Sai Baba critics that he has been forced off Wikipedia by an indefinite ban. To say the least, his arguments against Sai Baba critics are pretty sickening. Calling someone a "fully exposed pervert, drunk, racist, misogynist, cartoon-loving, Elvis-loving, Batman-loving, Jesus & Boot Sex Fetishist" is not the best way to prove that the critics are wrong. It's curious to see that he was often adding "108" at the end of his pseudonyms. Is it a reference to the 108 names which are daily recited to worship the gurus like gods?

He was helped in his by another Sai Baba devotee called Lisa De Witt. Her arguments were quite as disgusting as Gerald "Joe" Moreno's ones. Both kept on insulting the people who dared questioning their gurus honesty. They were believing in a conspiracy aiming at destroying love and spirituality. It is strange to see that Amritanandamayi devotees sometimes use the same language and explanations. It seems like violent emotional outburst and paranoid explanations are the only answers that they have to fight the logical arguments that don't play in favor of their guides.

Among other things, he was a master in the cheating art of spamdexing (spam indexing). Which means that he was able to make his mud slinging pages have a high ranking in search engines. He could thus trash anyone's reputation online. "Infovandalism", "cyber stalker", "internet terrorist", "character assassinator"... his victims have found a lot of ways to qualify his actions. That is what he (or someone else) did to the first critics of Amritanandamayi, when they tried to disclose their bad experiences and doubtful reflexions about her. Some of the victims tell about this online harassment :
"The website includes poetry written by ex-devotees, articles written by critics, links to their businesses, and annotated lists of irrelevant personal information intended purely to harass critics and ex-devotees of the hugging saint"
"The amount of time this group has put into compiling information on me is very frightening. This website illustrates why so many are afraid to leave, because this is what will happen to them"

Unfortunately for Amritanandamayi, Gerald "Joe" Moreno has been reported dead. But all the mud that he has spread on the critics will remain online for a few years as no one else but him can shut his websites down.