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Friday, June 6, 2014

Is rape sometimes right?

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur, who is from BJP and part of the brand new Indian goverment, has raised a violent controversy with his scandalous statement about rape : "Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong"!

We are eager to listen to his enlightening explanations. We want to know under which circumstances a rape is right according to him. Will he go so far as to design a bunch of laws to protect the innocent rapists when they rape a woman in a legitimate context? Does it include the right to kill the victim when she has become useless? Given his shameless disdain for women and the way he trivializes violence, we make a daring bet : Babulal Gaur must be a devotee of Mata Amritanandamayi.

On the internet, we have found that a politician called Babulal Gaur was Minister for Urban Administration, Housing & Development in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, in 2004. Like so many politicians he was an enthusiastic admirer of Amritanandamayi. He said that "She is the embodiment of a mother’s love and protectiveness". It seems to be the same Babulal Gaur. If so then the man who thinks that rape is sometimes right, is a devotee of Amritanandamayi. Does he think that in some cases it would be right to rape the "embodiment of a mother’s love and protectiveness"?

When some devotees prepare vegetables, Amritanandamayi scolds them if the peels are too thick. Indeed, wasting a few grams of precious food is such a crime in a world where hunger kills poor people. But when other devotees are guilty of massive tax evasion, accused of violating human rights, responsible for causing environmental disaster, guilty of beating peacefull citizens, she remains mute, mute, mute. When an influent devotee says that rape is sometimes right, the alledged champion of women empowerment doesn't utter a single word. If she shares Babulal Gaur's views, then it can explain why she claims that nothing wrong ever happened in her ashram, in spite of the events recounted in the book Holy Hell.

Why reacting to insignificant mistakes while staying idle when serious issues affect the mindset of the whole society? Achieving charities can be done by any of the thousands of NGOs that flock to greedily save the third world countries. We don't need a saint to do that because standard humans are able to easily perform this kind of actions. But teaching right from wrong, leading humanity on the righteous path, can only be done by wise and charismatic uplifted beings. Isn't she supposed to be a spiritual guide? Why this deafening silence in face of infuriating behaviors coming from her own followers?

Maybe she is not what she pretends. Maybe she is just a human being who uses religion as a mean to become famous and powerfull. If such is the case then she has to be strict with the gullible crowd and meek with the vested elite, particularly politicians. They are the only ones who can grant her a full unaccountability for her organization to thrive as she wishes. Besides her devotees votes, does she provide them with somethings in exchange for endless immunity?

It is disturbing to see that Amritanandamayi sacrifices her body to comfort people for hours, because that is precisely what rapists expect from their victim. They want her to sacrifice herself for their own comfort. If all women could stand the pain like the "Mother of Compassion" does, would the earth be a paradise for rapists?

Anyway we have a spiritual question for the "Ever Radiant Truth". She promotes unconditionnal love. It means loving everything and everyone without any condition. Does she advise rape victims to unconditionnally love their rapists too? When we love some people we generally want them to never be harmed in anyway. Should we avoid complaining to the police to prevent the rapists from suffering from legal punishment? Should we hug them right after they have destroyed our sisters, mothers, wives and daughters? Are there conditions to the "Unconditionnal" or should we bear all kinds of atrocities with a smile in the name of spiritual unfoldment?