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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I won't come but vote for me (pls)!

Postponed? Canceled? No program was held so far in Malaysia and Singapore. But the "Mother of Compassion" knows how to comfort her beloved children.

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A notice showed in March on the Facebook page of the Amriteshwari Society of Singapore to inform the devotees that their guru would be a little bit late to visit them in 2014. The page was supposed to be further updated.

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Some followers posted their concerns to inquire about the new date of her venue. Those who could afford it bought a trip to Japan, to see her at her Tokyo program and beg her to visit Singapore, like she usually does before going to America.

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But the only actual answer that they got so far is :


The call to (pls, pls, pls) like her "new" old Facebook page and to (pls, pls, pls) invite all our friends to like it as well, has been shouted online by Brian "Gautam" Harvey, the American blond guy who takes good care of computing, media and management matters.

Now that's a compassionate guru! Her children may not get their yearly hug but at least they can (pls, pls, pls) click on the little blue thumb to take solace. Will the goddess reward them or will she forget?

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You may wonder why the paragraph above is interspersed with some "pls". In fact we found it strange to read this on the home page of It feels like this website has been made with a cellphone instead of a computer.

Keep the faith dear Amma! After more than 3 months of massive social media campaign, almost 0.97% of your alledged 30 millions of worldwide followers have heard your longing prayers and liked your 6 years old new Facebook page. You are well on track to reach 1% very soon!
By the way, why are they hidden? Why can't we see Amritanandamayi's online friends? Are they ashamed? Does she hide because most of them are members of the Sangh Parivar, more interested in politics than religion? Or has she created fake accounts to like her own page in order to inflate her Likes ranking? She is so mysterious. The Goddess ways are unfathomable...