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Monday, July 21, 2014

Brainwahsing for dummies

Cults often use brainwashing to manipulate their devotees. Is the M.A. Math a mind-controlling cult?

 Vian Charbonneau thinks that such is not the case. This is the reason that she gives :
"As for mind control, that implies force as well. The truth is Amma doesn’t use force at all"
"There is no force or requirements so it cannot be called mind-control"

Force? What does she means by force? Amritanandamayi cannot put a knife under the throat of grown up western tourists in India, asking them to worship her. It's ridiculous. We rather think that brainwashing is a subtle manipulation of the intellect based on contradictory messages, hidden suggestions, emotional links, hypnotic repetition, unsolvable riddle presented as absolute truths... It is about planting new thoughts in a mind that is so confused that it gives up on reflexion.

But we have recently found very interesting documents that changed our view on this topic. Vian Charbonneau wants to see force? Then we prompt her to read one of the brochures advertising Amritanandamayi's schools.

"the hostel daily routine has compulsory Sadhana in the morning and evening, which includes Satsang, Japa, Meditation, Yoga, Group chanting of Amma’s Ashtothara Archana, Sri Lalitha Sahasranama, Bhagavat Geetha and Bhajans. Hostel routines call for extreme self-discipline. Ashram routine is compulsory for all hostel inmates"
"Hostel residence is compulsory for those students hailing from more than 40 km distance and at the same time not staying along with the parents/guardians"
"The objective of the Spiritual routine is to inculcate in the young minds, the Divine faith, spirit of selflessness, national spirit, self awareness and mental strength to face the challenges from situations which may arise in their future profession and social life. Those violating the ashram hostel rules will not be allowed to continue their resident academic programme"
"Use of Laptops and mobile phones are strictly banned inside the whole campus and hostels"

"At Amrita Mysore campus, we strive to habituate students in the right mode of conduct, thus strengthening their character. The school prayer, the curricular & co-curricular activities, celebrations of festivals, club activities and other programmes are all geared towards the dissemination of “Human” values"
"Imparts insights from ancient art and science of yoga & meditation and imbibes deepset values through compulsory courses in cultural education"
"Every batch of students compulsorily goes through IAM Technique - a combination of Yoga, Pranayama and Mediation, created by ‘AMMA’"

"Hostel is directly managed by the Ashram. Ashram Hostel daily routine is compulsory for all inmates. Consumption of Non-Vegetarian food is STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside the Campus & Hostel. School Administration doesn’t encourage lady students from far away places to stay in the so called ‘paying guest’ facilities elsewhere outside the campus. Mobile phones and Laptops are STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside the Campus & Hostel. NB: Mobile Phones registered and provided by the College (on payment) will be issued to the inmates whenever they are going home. The same has to be deposited to the College Office on return from home. Under no circumstances mobile phones will be allowed in the College campus or Hostel. Lalitha Sahasranama Chanting in the morning and Ashtothara Shatha Namavali and Bhajans in the evening are compulsory for Ashram Hostel residents"

The technique is cristal clear. If you are a dummy in mental manipulation then let the Mother of Compassion give you a few hints :

  • Students who have to study far away from their parents may feel slightly blue. They are still lingering in teenage, asking themselves essential questions about their future life. They may be confused and in need of solace. They may long for something to replace the missing warm family atmosphere, something to comfort them and wipe doubts away.
  • Force them to live inside a place where everything is provided and deprive them from any independant mean of communication. All their needs must be taken care of by you and you only.
  • Force them to worship the founder of the school, under penalty of being thrown out of the institution.
  • At the end of the course, some students are fed up with you, some others are really really fed up but many of them have been re-programmed into faithfull devotees who will occupy high positions in big companies, longing for the warm and secure atmosphere that you have set for them, ready to obey any of your command thus having the opportunity to connect with your world, in order to taste again the sweet feeling of being a child nurtured at "home".

She uses force to control the young Indian minds. Some of them may be satistfied with this but how many are as angry as Anil :
"The worst part is the women nammed AMMA ... students are forced to devotee The STUPID AMMA & forced to buy her books written on her"

Why do students apply to such schools with such straining rules and compulsory worshiping? The FAQ brochure gives us the answer :
"(5) What is so special about Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi?
[University Established Under section 3 of UGC act 1956] [Accredited by NAAC with an ‘A’ grade]
Ministry of HRD (MHRD) has empanelled our University under the highest category ‘A’ in a Quality Assessment"
Some of the prestigious organizations which have placed our students recently include Infosys, CTS, Wipro, Accenture, HP, IBM, L&T Infotech, Payoda, Patni, MindTree, TCS, KPIT Cummines Infosystems, Atlas Health Care, OPI International, Ahalia Money Exchange, Ernst & Young, CNN IBN, Asianet, Kairali, Indiavision, Jaihind, Amrita TV, Marine Biz Channel, Focuz Infotech, ArtisArk, O and M, Malayala Manorama, Indian Express, AXIS Bank, Federal Bank etc"
The students are attracted by the promise of a bright social future. You wonder why she is so protected no matter the scandals and misdeeds? She has brainwashed devotees in all major global and Indian companies, including mainstream media.

Indeed, one can expect a school of Art and Science to teach knowledges like mathematics, geology, physics, astronomy, biology, music, painting, dance, theatre, cinema, ... Not with her. The brochure for Amrita School of Art and Science shows subjects that we find it hard to consider as Art or Science : "... Databases, Client-Server and Visual Programming Tools, Java, J2EE, .NET, E-Commerce, Bioinformatics, Soft Computing, Web Page Designing, Networking, Finance and Entrepreneurship ... Finance & Taxation, management, accounting, marketing, business law and economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, retailing, audit control, advertising, Finance and Banking sector, Business Consultancy, Working Capital Management, Policy and Budget Planning ..." What she pompously announces as "Art & Science" are just the trendy skills and technologies which lead to the most profitable jobs in global industry. Actually it is more useful to brainwash the key excutives who run the world than artists or scientists.

It seems like this has been carefully planned from the very beginning. Why aren't we surprised to see on the official milestone that as soon as the M.A. Math got a little money, it was invested in a school? Schools bring in a lot of money and also allies in economics and politics. Why aren't we surprised to learn that the M.A. Math has been founded by 6 graduated economists and an uneducated village girl?