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Monday, August 4, 2014

Compassionate schools

Amritanadamayi has build 49 Amrita Vidyayalam schools and 9 Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham so far. How does her compassion come in action inside her blessed institutions?

You can start by reading the internal rules of the schools and be surprised to see that your child is required to have a specific haircut as well as manicured fingers and toes. You can wonder why the world "fine" is used so often. You pay a fine if your child is late, a fine if you don't pay the fees in time, a fine if your child wears jewellery...

Nevermind, maybe all these esthetic and financial measures are specific to Indian culture. If such is the case then Indians must be happy with the way these institutions are run, happy to see their children studying there. In fact not all of them are happy.

Parents fight together against Amrita Vidyalayam : the principal Karunaya has beaten up children for no valid reason and the staff is unqualified. The parents must fight against the school to protect their children. Note the interesting comment of a student :
"The teachers working here do get paid half salaries by cash & the signed check is retained by the organisition
students are forced to devotee The STUPID AMMA & forced to buy her books written on her"

Complaint against Amrita Vidyalaya : the school changed its registration system and multiplied the fees by nearly four in some sections. The students whose parents refused to pay the excess fees were denied educational material.

Complaint against school over donation : a parent donated Rs15,000 for Amrita Vidyalam's building but money was for math. The M.A. Math collects the money donated for the development of the school building. and if you work in this Amritanandamayi's institution, don't go on protesting out of honesty :
"The previous principal who raised her voice against this act was suspended"

Amrita Vidyalayam : The school has system which segregates the children on the basis of merit, at the risk of demoralizing some of the them. Besides, embezzlement is never too far :
"Another concern they took an amount of around 78,000 at the time of my daughter’s admission. We asked for withdrawal within a week and we were just returned around 26,000. Rest, they told that they will not return"

Amrita Vidyalaya - exploitation of people by the school : asking higher fees and more donations while making no improvement. Asking the parents to pay the fees in advance so that the students must remain in the same school for the year to come.

Amrita Vidyalayam, Perumbavoor : Vipina Viswanathan‎ estimates that the teaching quality is poor.

Case on Principal, Amrita Vidyalayam - FA-08/1007 : the school promised that there wouldn't be more than 25 students per class. It seem like it was untrue.

False promises : her compassion is so great that she wants to embrace the whole world therefore she goes as far as the United Arab Emirates to recruit new (rich?) students. But the unexperienced fresh graduate teachers conduct classes in Tamil.

GATE 2010 stipend reg : some students get stipend to study in her universities. Are they poor indians sponsored by generous donations from the west? Of course not, the stipend is bestowed by the Indian governement, based on merit. By the way, the money flow seems to be jammed, sometimes it doesn't reach the students pocket. Same problem in 2011. Same problem in 2012. What's going on?

Misbehaving by deemed university : students who are going for their internship are denied the refunding for the accommodation charge that they have paid in advance.

Student thrashed, left with bleeding eye : a student who was playing volleyball approached the teacher to tell him that he was feeling nauseous. The teacher banged the student's head against a wall! His left eye revealed a blood clot.

Kin suspect bully friends’ role in 13-yr-old’s death : her compassion doesn't seem to have much influence over the children. What happens in other schools can happen in hers as well.

Second accused in rape of Amrita university student arrested : her universities are definitely not blessed havens of peace, love and compassion. They are identical to any other educational institution.

Rape survivor determined to see perpetrators punished : the rape survivor's mother claims that both accused students continued to attend classes, following their normal routine, although she had informed the university about the horrific incident. Is Amrita Vidyalayam identical or worse than other institutions?

Amrita suspends official : administrative officer Naushad Khan is suspended for harassing students, causing one girl, called Arati, to attempt suicide by jumping from the fourth floor of the college building.

Student's suicide singes college : Jithendra Sai allegedly hanged himself to death in his hostel room. The students alleged that the hostel warden did not allow them to save the student.

This is just an overview of the many complaints against her schools. How can they still operate with such malfunctioning? Would they still be opened without political support?