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Friday, August 15, 2014

Proud to be an Indian?

If you are between 15 and 30 years old, if in addition you are proud to be an Indian then Amritanandamayi has something special for you.

Ayudh has celebrated the 68th year of Independence in the compounds of university Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, next to Amritapuri. Ayudh is the M.A. Math's branch aiming at the youth, supposedly to develop their personality. Celebrating the mother land can be a good thing as long as it brings love for one's country but not hatred for other lands.

So we would like to ask a question : is it really necessary to put a fist clenched so tight on the flyer? Usually a fist rising in the air is a call for battle. Who do the proud Indian teenagers have to fight? Who are they supposed to punch with this fist? Can Amritanandamayi give us the answer?

We have another question : is it really good to print such violent suggestions in young minds? The whole world believes that Amritanandamayi is exclusively made of pure love. We find it hard to make a connection between this clenched fist and her "love". Is she always as rought with young Indians? Let's have a look to find out.

This page is an ad for a google summer of code held in an Amrita university. What for a surprise! This woman spends her time preaching for us to value spirituality more than material life. She keeps on saying that we shouldn't be so attached to money for instance. What stands on the third picture? The word "SUCCESS" above a big "DOLLAR" sign with colorfull arrows rushing to the top! How are we supposed to interpret this image? What is her message? Money = Success?
The fourth picture of the google ad is also aggressive. We find it interesting to put 2 different pictures side by side : on the left what she preaches to her devotees, on the right what she preaches to her students.

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Does she want us to understand that "skill, career, passion, perfection" gushing from a big shining brain are the ideal solutions for the intellect to step back? Are "goal, race, strive" supposed to bring back love and beauty? We are sorry to announce to the embodiment of pure love that it doesn't seem to work as expected. Aggressive images logically lead to aggressive mindsets. When we read the confession #1181 made by a student, we feel rather scared :
"I hate western culture. That's what is destroying my country's ancient culture and family values. I just can't imagine a Westernized India. We are moving towards that pathetic situation. Total breakdown of family values is seen everywhere. F**k western culture and those who are it's staunch supporters.
And on the other hand, the westerners have started to follow the positive aspects of Indian culture. Probably, they understand the greatness of our culture much more than us."
Does this student means : "other cultures are crap, mine is perfect, foreigners are good only when they bow down before my culture"? It is time to remember the Ayudh flyer. Is the clenched fist aiming at other cultures? Does she beg for money in the west in order to sponsor hatred for the west? If Amritanandamayi is heading toward that way, we sincerely ask her to speed up the process, for her mask of fake compassion will fall off faster. Westerners financing their own rejection, that would be highly ironic.