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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are Indians fed up with the Mother of Compassion?

As soon as the Malayalam online media Indiavision, Madhyamam and Reporter talked about Gail's Tredwell's book, the Indian internet users rushed to their computer to support and comment these publications.

It started with the publication of an article in the paper version of Madhyamam, a Keralan newspaper.

Within a day, Likes for Gail Tredwell's facebook page jumped from 260 to to 8,326. Though her book was released in November 2013, she got less than 300 Likes from foreign countries in 4 months. 24 hours after they got the information, more than 8,000 Indians liked her page.

The online magazine Indiavision added a special advertisement on its facebook page. Within one day, the page got 18,837 Likes and 43,679 Shares. Once again thousands of Indians citizens raise the voice to express their concern.

This video from Indiavision has been put online yesterday as well. It has already been viewed by 1819 internet users. The number of viewers grows fast as time goes by.

The Indian Express has also published an article dealing more specifically with the sexual abuse allegations of the book.

The message is clear. Amma is mainly supported by westerners and Non Resident Indians. Resident Indians don't seem to share the same enthusiasm for the global guru. These figures confirm the statement that we have made in one of our previous post : Amritanandamayi's extraordinary success mainly comes from her western devotees. Gail's book is turning viral in India whereas western countries try hard to ignore it.

Amritanandamayi and her global devotees are powerful enought to pay lawyers and communication specialists in order to extinguish the online fire and hypocritically perpetuate the drama. If this scenario unfolds, at least the "Ever Radiant Truth" and her "Closest Disciples" will see with their own eyes that thousands of people are fed up with her so called spiritual mascarade. Her western followers will see that she is not the unanimously beloved acclaimed guru that they blindly want her to be.