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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Money shortage?

ETW doesn't deny it, 60% of the donations are poured into a foreign bank account. The official speeches assert that it is a precaution in case there is less donation one day : "These cash reserves secure the funding of ongoing projects and help offset possible shortages". There is something wrong with this explanation.

The devotees from foreign countries donate $18 millions per year to Embracing The World. If only 10% of this sum funds charitable projets then ETW needs around $2 millions to achieve it humanitarian mission.

According to a Former AIMS Consultant's calculations, the Amrita schools would generate annual revenues of $80,000,000. This is more than 4 times higher than the foreign donations amount. 80/2=40. The shools earnings for one year ensure 40 years of humanitarian activities!

If Amritanandamayi's worldwide tour ever stop one day, the schools will still provide more income than needed. How can ETW fear a potential shortage to justify the huge bank savings?

The consultant's calculation doesn't take into account the revenues of AIMS and the donations from India. Money shortage? Really?