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Friday, February 21, 2014

Just shut up and everything will be fine!

This could be the lesson that the Ever Radiant Truth wants us to learn. In face of criticism her reaction remains the same since the 80's : legal threats!

How many legal cases were taken so far to protect the Embodiment of Love, how many legal threats? We don't know all her little secrets, we only remember her publicized moves :
  • Writer Sreeni Pattathanam
  • Internet users who supported Swathi Krisha's facebook page
  • Ex-devotees who made the website Cult of The Hugging Saint
  • Blogger Kali Doll
  • Swiss magazine Spuren
  • Swiss magazine Tages Anzeiger
There are certainly plenty of other anonymous victims.

The book "Holly Hell" is currently going viral in Kerala. Guess what happened? Yes!!! Legal threats! Once again!

According to the Indian Express police registered a case for posting anti-Amma comments :
"With the memoirs of a former disciple of Mata Amritanandamayi sparking a row, police have registered a case against those who posted adverse comments in the social media based on the content of the book against the spiritual leader, who commands a large following worldwide."
Thousands of internet user have expressed their opinion about Amritanandamayi. Those who laud her are safe. Those who criticize her are threatened. What does it mean? Is it a crime to criticize someone? As soon as someone becomes famous, he or she must be praised by the whole population? Those who don't agree deserve punishment? Yes. Those who complain just have to shut up or be punished. The ashram doesn't care about the book itself, it just want the internet users to shut their mouth :
"When there is a complaint against the postings in social networking sites, police have to take a case and conduct probe under the cyber laws. But the Government need not bother about the content of the book."
That's what the world "Justice" means nowadays. It's about protecting the embezzlers so that their fraudulent activities unfold without hindrance. Embarrassing celebrities can be very damaging as Paul Zacharia said to UCAN India :
"If I’d written such a book, I would have been butchered"
Lauding the rich and famous! Is that all that we are legally allowed to do? This has nothing to do with spirituality anymore. People who believe that Amritanandamayi is an enlightened being just have to open their eyes to see that she is not.