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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Identity theft

Within a few days, Gail Tredwell's book "Holy Hell" has gone viral all over the Indian language Keralan and wider Indian media. Amma's devotees replied in an illegal way.

The response was to duplicate Gail's Facebook page and set up a fake one, pretending to be her in order to trick the public. This fake page is full of links to ammascandal blog and to a video extract from the documentary River of Love.

Here is Gail's official Facebook page

This is the fake one
It has been created on February 18 2014. This is the day when Madhyamam started talking about the book.

Was it directed by Amritanandamayi herself? Was it directed by her closest disciples? Is it a desperate move from her devotees? One of the posters location is Palakkad, where her tour currently is. Let's not forget that identity theft is a criminal act.