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Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Amritanandamayi weak and unwise?

A new document has been uploaded online. It seems to have been created by devotees and it is intended to support Amritanandamayi by revealing some truths about Gail Tredwell. What does it say?

The most interesting part is the one accounting facts about Gail's life at the ashram. Let's take a look at some of them.

without even inquiring into her name, place or background, Amritanandamayi accepted Gail completely, entrusting her with all responsibilities
The devotees are often told that Amritanandamayi knows each of our most inner thoughts. It is useless to ask for the name, place or background when one can access the most inner thoughts.

She ruled over Amritanandamayi’s parents, sisters, brothers, relatives, devotees, ashram residents, even Amritanandamayi’s disciples
Amritanandamayi is supposed to be a spiritual master. How come that she let someone rule her ashram, her disciples and her family? What does "master" means for her? 100% love, 0% authority?

Gail would constantly lie and physically abuse residents to get things her way
Amritanandamayi is supposed to be a guru and to protect her devotees. How come that she let them be abused by her own assistant?

Gail used to grab kids by their hair, throw them on the ground and laugh
Amritanandamayi is so full of compassion. She is the Mother of all. How can she let her disciple treat innocent children this way? Families come to the ashram confidently. How can she let their children be in danger?

Gail was seen physically abusing some of the Indian girls in public
Amritanandamayi is supposed to protect her devotees. Why did she remained silent?

Many of ashram girls were first hand victims to Gail's irrational onset of anger, violent attacks and sadistic behavior
Amritanandamayi is supposed to protect her devotees. What kind of master can let her devotees suffer this way, just because of one? Why protecting her assistant to the detriment of her followers?

The younger girls would become completely frightened of her and hide themselves in dark and cry
This is madness. Where is Amritanandamayi? Hugging, singing, laughing on stage while her devotees hide to suffer?

Gail would not show any respect towards Amritanandamayi or senior monks(Swamis)
Why did she let someone disrespect hinduism inside her ashram in India for 20 years? Where is she headed?

Gail would use abusive language that would inflict maximum pain to other girls in Ashram
Why did she keep Gail as her assistant? Being full of love so as to let one individual be sadistic with hundreds of others, why? Why does the master let a single person endangers the whole ashram?

She then toppled the boat in which she and Amritanandamayi alone were there, with the intention of drowning Amritanandamayi
Is Amritanandamayi insane? Keeping a murderer as her assistant? For what? To be murdered?

Gail made curry for Amritanandamayi with poisonous mushrooms even after repeated pleas from other ashramites to not do so
It's crazy. What kind of devotees are they? Meekly letting a murderer try to kill their guru? Just begging her not to do so? Do the ashramites really react so peacefully when a murderer tries to kill Amritanandamayi?

it is quite clear that Gail Tredwell suffers from extreme mental disorders
It is so clear that Amritanandamayi didn't notice anything for 20 years!!!

Now let's put the first and last quotes together :
Amritanandamayi accepted Gail completely, entrusting her with all responsibilities
it is quite clear that Gail Tredwell suffers from extreme mental disorders
Amritanandamayi (who knows everyone's most inner thoughts) entrusts a person suffering from extreme mental disorders with all responsibilities. It's crazy. What do you expect to happen when you give all responsibilities to an insane person? Gail was so close to Amritanandamayi that still nowadays, she is internationally nicknamed "Amma's shadow". How could Amritanandamayi spend 20 full years without noticing that her "shadow" suffers from extreme mental disorders?

It's not over.
Gail left Amritanandamayi’s ashram because she wanted to fulfill personal desires that were not in line with the formal monastic vows she had taken up
Did she unconditionally poured her "love" on Gail while the latter was going on rampage in the whole ashram? Amritanandamayi didn't take any measure, Gail left on her own. If Gail hadn't left, would Amritanandamayi have kept her as her assistant, so that she could keep on abusing the ashramites, her family, the swamis, the devotees and the children? If Amritanandamayi is supposed to incarnate the Divine Mother, then imagine the reaction of Durga or Kali in front of such a disrespectful disciple.

Either this document is full of half-truths and full-lies or Amritanandamayi is weak and unwise. If she is weak then she lies when she pretends to be a spiritual master. If she is unwise then she lies when she pretends to be a spiritual guide. If this document is true then discpline is in her mouth but not in her ashram.