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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bharatiya Vichara Kendra support

Attack on Amritanandamayi Math is an Attack on all Hindu Religious Institutions. This is the title of an article published in The New India Express. We wondered why there was this notice at the end of the publication : (The author is the director of Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram). What does it means?

In fact Bharatiya Vichara Kendra is affiliated with and supported by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The author is P. Parameswaran, the founder of this centre of research and studies aimed at national re-construction. It would be too bad to see the current issue drifting towards politics.

Some parts of the article sound embarrassing.
"millions of people across the world hold that spiritually-oriented service organisation"
This is not true. According to our estimations, based on the crowd in Amritanandamayi's programs, she has less than 600,000 followers outside India.

"all the Hindu spiritual institutions are spreading all over the world exerting tremendous influence over earnest and right thinking people...development of Hindu universalism"
This quote is also embarrassing because when Amritanandamayi tours in western countries, she never advertizes herself as an hinduist. She never claims to belong to any particular religion. If criticizing  her aims at attacking hinduism, it means that she lies.

Looking at the archives, we noticed that P. Parameswaran has been rewarded by the M.A. Math. He won the Amritakeerti Puraskar in 2002. This award comes with a cash prize of Rs. 1,25,453 ($2,000). The ashram considers this author to be very influent :
"All his works, including the treatise, “Marx and Vivekananda” have been acclaimed world over."
His book is on sale on Amazon, we haven't seen a single review about his book so far. Is he acclaimed in more restricted communities? Anyway if P. Parameswaran has been awarded by Amritanandamayi then it is logical that he provides her with support today.