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Friday, February 21, 2014

Religious debate

Some Indian media talk about "Holy Hell", some don't. The internet users are left alone to tear themselves apart on social media. The debate is drifting toward religion. Comparison between religions. Which is the best? We would like to clearly assert our position regarding this topic.

The Amritasatyamayi Team members are ex-devotees of Amritanandamayi. Most of us have been raised in Christian cultures. Our initial belief system couldn't answer the questions that we had, that is one of the reasons why we have been attracted by Amritanandamayi's organization. She has deceived us. Looking back, we would like to put the stress under 2 important facts :

Sudhamani Idamanel is not Hinduism

She is just a human being. She has attained to the status of living goddess, thanks to graduated marketers and rich westerners. Her "divine" status enabled her organization to develop fraudulent activities. She is a fraudster and a fake spiritual guide.

It would be exaggerating to judge a whole religion, just because of a single corrupted individual. Stopping a deceiver is a thing. Debating on religion is a completely different thing. Both are not necessarily related.

There are scammers in ALL religions

One just have to look at the testimonials to see that no religion is safe from scammers.

The stories of Asaram Bapu and Sai Baba are still fresh in our mind.

Rape is a plague in Christianity whatever the country. We all remember the horrible story of father O' Grady. The church protected this pedophile's crimes by moving him from parish to parish.

Islam is not safer. Rapes are sometimes perpetrated by imams. Irrational deluded behavior in the name of religious principles also exists in this religion..

Do you think that Judaism is clean? Then take a few minutes to read what some rabbis do to little boys in Jerusalem.

Perhaps big old religions are corrupted. Spiritual currents are younger and smaller, are they purer? Absolutely not. Spiritual seekers who flock to South America sometimes come back in a coffin.

No need to make an inventory of the respective damages, to find out which belief is the best. Having great and beautiful concepts in a religion doesn't prevent insane hypocrits to join in and to pervert the teachings to fullfill their sick and selfish plans. Whatever the religion, some leaders are sincere, some are not.

We will do our best to remain away from any manipulation attempt. We won't let our blog be used to fulfill any religious or political agenda. We have been deceived by a fake spiritual guide. She has ruined too many lives. We want to prevent other spiritual seekers to fall into her clutches. That is our sole purpose.